What features are part of Marketer+ plan?

Find out which features are part of the highest tariff Marketer + .

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In Ecomail you can choose between two prepaid plans - Profi or Marketer+.

We already covered all the important information on prepaid plans in this article.

In this article, you will find a list of all the features the Marketer+ plan has to offer.

The Marketer+ tariff is especially suitable for e-shops and anyone who wants to take e-mailing to the next level. Thanks to the Marketer + tariff, you can create personalized and more sophisticated mailing using advanced functions directly in the Ecomail application.


At first, it is necessary to connect your system with Ecomail and collect as much information about your customers as possible. We offer the following connections using our plugins or via API:

Because of the connection between the website and the application, it is possible to automatically add new contacts to the list, collect detailed information about your customers and manage it directly in Ecomail. You can collect pretty much all information from the rate of openings and clicks to information about visited pages on your web and completed orders. Based on the information you get, you'll be able to create smart segments, automated campaigns and personalized content.

Web tracking

All you have to do to use web tracking is to install our tracking code, link all your campaigns to Google Analytics and all of a sudden, you will know about every customer movement on your website - for example, what items has the customer viewed recently.

Transaction tracking

If you wish to have an overview of your customers' purchases, just connect your system to Ecomail according to our instructions.

Once you have an overview of user behaviour in campaigns (openings, clicks), pages visited, and purchases made, you'll be able to:

  • Create smart segments

    You can segment, for example, by the following criteria:

    - users visited the page

    - bought / not bought in the store

    - bought / did not buy specific goods or goods from the given category

    - bought goods at a greater / lesser price

    - viewed specific goods or goods from a given category.

Send a newsletter to these certain groups of customers with content that will interest these customers and motivate them to buy. You can find more about segmentation here.

  • Create personalised content

    It is possible to invent virtually any content tailored to the customer so he is really interested in the moment. Here are some examples:

    - address by name

    - wishes for a holiday or birthday with little something more (eg. discount)

    - personalized content and frequency of campaigns according to segments (opening e-mails, clicking on a given link, best sellers or promotional goods from the category in which the customer is interested, etc.)

    - e-mails according to the relationship with the customer (special offers for regular customers)

    - not to send the customer an offer for a product he has bought recently

    - not to send the customer a reminder with a special offer that he has already used

    See our article about personalisation.

  • Send automatic campaigns

    Automatic campaigns are much more effective than regular campaigns. There are e-mails that are automatically sent to the customer when a predefined situation occurs. You can come up with virtually any automated campaign scenario possible

    Take look at the most common automations:

    - welcome e-mail or series of e-mails for newly registered users / new customers

    - thank you e-mail, up-selling, cross-selling after the first purchase

    - automatic reward for loyal customers

    - motivational e-mail if the user still has not purchased anything

    - reminders of the abandoned basket - send customers an abandoned basket reminder directly with the products, eg. after two hours from the time they left the page with items in the basket

    - Holiday or birthday wishes

    - Anniversary one year after first purchase

    - reactivation e-mail

    - purchase reminder

    - repeated consumption

Collection forms

In addition to the classic forms, we also offer pop-up windows and Facebook Lead Ads for collecting contacts directly from Facebook within the Marketer+ tariff.

Create beautiful forms directly in the application.

Discount coupons

If you wish to send your customers discount coupons, you can do so very easily through our automation. Upload the file including coupons to Ecomail, create automation and that's it. You can find help here.

Facebook custom audiences

You can easily connect Ecomail with your corporate Facebook and create a range of users directly from the contact list. This will target your Facebook ad directly on the customers or users who have subscribed to the newsletter. You can find how to create a range out of your contact list here.

Thanks to the connection between Facebook and Ecomail, you can also run ads automatically based on user behaviour. Did the user subscribe to the news? In addition to the welcome campaign, automatically start advertising on Facebook for this user.

A/B Testing

Test the subject of the newsletter, the name of the sender, or the content of the e-mail on a sample of contacts, and then automatically send the more successful variant to the rest of the users. You run the A / B test directly in the campaign creation process.

Read more about A/B testing in this article.

Dynamic content

Insert a dynamic block into the template using data feeds. Customers can then for example see similar products from the category in which they purchased, in the newsletter. Help for data feeds can be found here.

Correctly set up advanced features will help you build a personal and long-lasting relationship with each individual customer from the first interaction to communication with a loyal customer. Not sure where to start or how to set everything up for your company?

Contact us at support@ecomail.app. We will be happy to help you set up or prepare a complete customized e-mailing strategy.

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