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Discount coupons in automations

How to upload and utilize discount coupons using automation.

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If you want to send customers discount coupons, you can do so very easily through our automations.

The first step will be to upload the coupons themselves to your Ecomail account. You can find the discount coupons tab in the main black menu under the "More" tab, Discount coupons section (this function is only available in the Marketer+ tariff).

Merge tag *|ECM_COUPON|* only works in Automations.

Before importing into the application

In this section you can create an unlimited number of folders, which can of course be named as you wish. Each folder has its own merge tag, which you insert into an email template. Thanks to it, a unique coupon is sent to each recipient.

Please, note, that unique discount coupons can only be submitted in an automatic campaign. Only a universal discount code can be used in a regular campaign.

When creating a template, it is important to think about which folder you want to draw coupons from and insert the relevant merge tag that relates to the given folder and will draw discount coupons from it.

You set the expiration of coupons, the amount of the discount, the possibility of re-use, etc. in your e-shop, you can inform the user about the expiration of the code in plain text. The settings of the whole process depend on the specific scenario. Isn't anything clear to you? Do not hesitate to contact us at

Discount coupons are drawn according to the date of insertion - if you regularly add coupon folders, older coupons in the folder will be sent first.

Import coupons

Discount coupons are classified in the folders for easier orientation. To upload, you can either select the Default folder or click on Add folder and create your own -> so you can have different coupons in different folders (eg with different amount of discount or validity).

In a specific folder, then select Import coupons and upload a document that contains the coupons.

Click on import coupons to upload them.

discount coupon

You can use both direct insertion into a text box, where each coupon must be on a new line, or upload a CSV file that contains coupons -> the same rule applies here, ie that each coupon must be on a new line to separate them.

import coupons

The format of the coupon depends on you. It will be heeded primarily by how you have set up a coupon system in your e-shop, etc.

However, it is typically a combination of text and numbers or a number series - but remember that the maximum value of an int variable (ie a number) is 2147483647.

Creating a template

Now you need to prepare a template that will contain a specific merge tag for the discount coupon from the given folder:

the merge tag is set for the Default folder: *|ECM_COUPON|*

for other components (created by you), a number is added after the merge tag to distinguish it,

ie eg *|ECM_COUPON_1|*

new folder coupons

As soon as the relevant merge tag is used several times in the template (eg in the subject, in the text block, on the button), the relevant coupon for the given contact (ie one and the same coupon code) is always overwritten.

The merge tag can be used in the template, for example, in the following way:

newsletter coupon

Automation settings

Last but not least, it is necessary to set up the Automation itself, which will send the discount coupon -> ie one of its actions will be sending an email with the merge tag of the discount coupon.

So create an Automation with any trigger and in one of the actions select the option "send email" and select the email template with the used merge tag for discount coupons.

Overview of sent coupons

On the discount coupons tab, you can see the numbers of both sent coupons and those which are still available to you. The graph shows a monthly overview of sent coupons, including the last sent ones (to whom, at what time and a specific coupon).

review coupons

Deleting coupons

If you want to delete all the remaining coupons that you have uploaded in the active folder, press the Delete remaining coupons button.

Last coupon reminder

Would you like to remind the last coupon, which you have sent to the contact? The merge tag *|ECM_LAST_COUPON|* is used for this. Insert this merge tag into the template, which you will send to the contact again via Automation.

Lack of coupons

The application notifies you in the notification bar (in the application and also in the email) about the lack of coupons automatically - specifically, if the amount of coupons is below 15% of its original quantity.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us at


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