Prepaid plans

How to order a prepaid plan? How are contacts calculated?

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In Ecomail, you can choose from two prepaid plans: Profi or Marketer+.

Prices of tariffs for your number of contacts can be found in our price list.

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Prepaid plans

Prepaid plans depends on the number of contacts uploaded to the database.

Prepaid plans must be used for at least three consecutive months from purchase.

How are contacts calculated?

Only the active addresses to which you send emails are included in the maximum number of contacts in the given tariff. You do not pay for unsubscribed contacts, bounced emails or marked as spam. These contacts remain inactive in your account.

If you choose a prepaid tariff, you can choose from the following tariffs: Profi and Marketer+.

Profi Tariff:

The Profi tariff is definitely a great choice for you if you send more campaigns per month. In this tariff, you can send an unlimited number of campaigns per month.

The tariff contains basic functions for working in the application. In this tariff, you can set, for example, Name day, Birthday or Welcome automation.

Marketer + Tariff:

In this tariff, you can use advanced segmentation and automation based on the customer's behavior on your website, his orders in the e-shop and much more. This tariff is also suitable for you if you wish to connect Ecomail, for example, to the social network Facebook and thus use multi-channel communication. There are many other features in the Marketer + tariff that you can read in this article.

See a detailed comparison of tariffs on our website.

How can I pay?

All payments for plans and additional services can be made by a credit card. We accept all major credit cards.

Can I change the plan?

You can change the plan at any time without having to pay anything extra or lose the amount already prepaid. The amount for the new plan is calculated from the price of the new plan and the difference from the price of the previous tariff.

How can I cancel or suspend the plan?

Tariff interruption is possible once a year, for up to 6 months.

You can cancel the tariff completely after three consecutive months from the purchase of the plan.

In both cases, please write to us at

Do you also want to use SMS campaigns in Ecomail?

Promote Flash Sales, limited and time-limited offers by instantly delivering messages to your customers. Are you interested? Ask us for prices and more details!

Please note that for SMS campaigns, it is necessary to purchase SMS credits separately.

If you have any further questions about which plan to choose, do not hesitate to contact us at or on the chat, which you will find directly in the application.

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