You can connect Ecomail with your Ecwid e-commerce site via our app available on Ecwid App Market.

Our app will take care of the following automatically:

  • initial sync of your subscribers and purchases

  • real-time sync of new customers (after giving consent)

  • real-time sync of new purchases

We are working on a more powerful integration - coming soon:

  • customer webtracking

  • Ecwid-specific abandoned carts tracking

  • product recommenders

  • and much more...

For working integration, you need to work in the Marketer+ plan.

How to integrate?

To add the add-on you need to log in to your Ecwid account. Next, select Applications -> Application Market and search for Ecomail:

Next, select the "Install" option. A new window will open to create a new account or you will need to log in. The application will automatically direct you to

Once you log in, an integration with your store ID and you can choose a list where the contacts will be saved (in Ecomail).

Next, just click "Save", and the contacts will begin synchronizing from your Ecwid.

How does the integration work?

Once properly connected, contacts that have purchased or subscribed to your store will be also saved to the selected list.

Information such as email and name is transferred to Ecomail. In the Purchases tab you will also find the specific products that the contact has purchased:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at We will be happy to help you with anything.

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