A/B testing of the campaign

Would you like to set up an A/B test before submitting your campaign? Here's how to do it.

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Are you hesitant about which subject, sender's name to choose, or which content is more suitable to use for your mailing, so that the planned campaign is as successful as possible? The so-called A/B testing can make your decision easier. Ecomail has the function of easy A/B testing of the subject, the name of the sender or the content, or a combination thereof. This feature is only available in the Marketer + tariff.

You can set up an A/B test directly as part of creating a campaign. After logging in the application, click the New Campaign button. Or select one of the already created campaigns in the menu under the Campaigns tab.

Fill in the basic information about the campaign and in the second step "Settings" check the option A/B testing of the campaign. This will allow you to enter the next step called "A/B test".

In the next step, you will set the A/B testing criteria and choose what you want to test.

After checking your selection, you will see a form in which you enter two variants of the subject, two variants of the sender's name, or set up two templates.

And here are some examples:

Campaign tested by subject

subject test

Campaign tested by sender's name

Campaign tested by content of the template

You can test any combination of the two selected options; for example, subject in combination with a sender. Just check the selected parameters.

If you wish to combine all three options altogether (Subject, Sender's name, Template), all you have to do is check all three options.

The last thing you need to do is to choose a criteria by which will the whole test be evaluated. You have a choice of Open rate or by Clickrate (CTR). You also enter the time after which the test will end. Afterwards, the winning version of the campaign will be sent automatically.

For the last step, in the right part of the screen you set the size of your test segment, based on which the winning variant will be selected. Just move the white point on the bar to change the numbers.

TIP: We recommend testing the campaign on the largest possible database and choosing a test segment of no more than 50% so the winning variant is sent to the largest possible audience and uses its potential.

If you have any further questions regarding A/B testing in Ecomail, you can contact us at support@ecomail.app


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