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Woocommerce plugin
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Plugin functions

  • Synchronization of new contacts (from orders after checking the news subscription field)

  • Selection of contact list to sync contacts to

  • Option to select data for contact synchronization

  • Order tracking (Marketer+ account only)

  • Insertion of tracking code to track user's movements on the web (Marketer+ account only)

  • Manual user tracking after login (Marketer+ account only)

  • Tracking of basket content for possible automation of an abandoned basket (Marketer+ account only) (API)

  • Sync of basic order data to contact (Marketer+ account only)

  • Status of the plugin connection with the Ecomail system

  • Custom text on the subscription button

  • Skip double opt-in, start of automations

  • Translation to English according to Woocommerce settings

Contacts and orders are uploaded from the moment the plugin is installed. If you also want to upload contacts that you already have in the e-shop, you need to import those contacts.


You can easily install the plugin for Woocommerce directly from your WP dashboard or download and install the plugin manually.

1.1 Installation from the dashboard

In WordPress administration - Plugins - Plugins overview - Plugins installation button - enter "ecomail" (without quotes) in the Search for plugins field and let the plugin search for it. Click the Install button and then Activate.


Now proceed with the plugin configuration.

1.2 Manual installation

First download the plugin from this link

In WordPress administration - Plugins - Overview of plugins - button Install plugins - Upload plugin.


After uploading the plugin, press the Activate Plugin button.


Then click on Settings.

plugin settings

2. Configuration

Here you need to fill in these three fields:

  1. In the plugin settings, select the contact list to which you want to sync contacts.

  2. App ID is the name of your account.

  3. API key is then generated for each account (you can find it in your Ecomail administration in the Integrations tab).

Choose other options according to your preferences.

plugin settings
plugin settings3

Then just save the settings with the Save Changes button.

If you have any further questions regarding Woocommerce integration in Ecomail, you can contact us at

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