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What are automations and why to use them
What are automations and why to use them

How to work with automatic campaigns and automations?

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What are automations?

Automations are campaigns that are submitted automatically. You do not submit by clicking a "send campaign" as in a regular campaign, but instead, the campaign submits automatically based on your chosen impulse. The impulse could be the date of the contact's birthday, a new subscriber for your newsletter, when a customer buys something on your e-shop, etc.

Because the automatic campaign is often more personalised and responds to the behaviour of your contacts, it tends to be more successful and remains a good tool for establishing/maintaining a relationship with your contacts.

What is automation for?

Automation is an automatic campaign that needs only initial set up and afterwards, it works on its own. For example, you can set up an automation where every new subscriber receives a Welcome Campaign after he registers. These emails have a high open rate since they react to contact's certain behaviour.

Automatic emails also often make the client return to your website. The emails can lead to another purchase or the purchase of additional products. Among other basic automations you can make Abandoned cart automation, Repeated Consumption, etc. Take a look at the model examples of Automations here.

Can I set up automation by myself?

Of course! 😊 Setting up automatic campaign is just as easy as setting up a classic campaign. The creation of a Welcome Campaign can only take up couple of minutes.

What do I need to set up automation?

  • Think of a good scenario, or see our recommended automatic campaigns

  • If your automation includes an email to be sent, prepare your template in advance

  • Choose the right plan for:

    • Profi for the simple automations, such as:

    • Birthday campaign

    • Welcome campaign

    • Automations based on email reactions

    • Automations based on the contact information

    • Marketer+ for integrations and more complex automations, such as:

    • Abandoned cart

    • Repeated consumption

    • Automations based on web interactions

    • SMS credits for SMS automations

How to set up automation?

To see a detailed description of how to create your own automation click here.

Note: See all articles about automated campaigns here.

If you have any further questions regarding automations in Ecomail, you can contact us at


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