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Getting started

How to send out your first campaign? Simply, in a few steps. Import contacts, verify your domain, create and send out campaign.

Managing your account and payments

How to create an account in Ecomail and add its users. Which plan to choose? What is a sending domain and how to verify it?


How to create and edit a contact list. Import, export and update contacts. How to segment and according to what criteria. Custom contact attributes, tags, preference based contact groups.

Preparing an email template

Create templates and beautiful newsletters. Don't forget the opt-out link and the "online version" link. And insert products from commodity feeds.

Email campaigns

How to test a campaign, and other advanced features suitable for when creating a campaign.

Sign up forms

Collect contacts to expand your database using various subscription forms. Sign up forms. Pop-up forms. Slide out forms. Collecting contacts from Facebook. Lead Ads.

Personalization using merge tags and dynamic content

What is personalization and how to personalize using merge tags and dynamic content. Product recommendation.

Reports and Delivery rates

How are sent and automated campaigns being evaluated? Open rate, click rate and bounce rate. What are unsubscribed and bounced emails?

Automated campaigns

What is an automation and what to use it for? How to set up automated campaigns. How to automate birthday wishes, abandoned cart, etc.


Integrate Ecomail with your online store or other applications and tools