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Campaign measurement using Google Analytics
Campaign measurement using Google Analytics

How to evaluate a campaign using GA

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If you measure traffic to your site using Google Analytics, you can also link it to Ecomail, both in regular and automated campaigns.

Measuring via Google Analytics is very simple, just check the option "Track campaign with Google Analytics" in the second step when creating a campaign.

tracking via GA

The results of the campaign are measured using the UTM parameter.

The system automatically generates data for UTM, which you can arbitrarily modify (but follow the form: text_text, ie without spaces).

UTM campaign: campaign name

UTM source: source

UTM medium: medium (intermediary)

utm parameters

Do you also want to track emails sent from automated campaigns in Google Analytics? Simply set up tracking in automation at action Send email.

For example, name the GA tag just the same as the automation name is.

You can read how to create automation in this article.

abandoned basket utm tag

What is an UTM code?

The UTM code is the data under which you will find the results of a specific campaign in your Google Analytics account.

Where can I find campaign results in Google Analytics?

You can find the results of the campaign in the section "Acquisition -> Campaigns -> All campaigns", here you will see the name of the campaign according to the entered UTM code.

How do I unify links in statistics?

If you want to have statistics that are nicely clear, but at the same time track users from your campaigns, you need to add a simple rule in Google Analytics. This is set in Administrator> Data selection settings> Exclude parameters in the URL - here you enter the parameters: eco, ecmid.

In the statistics, you will be shown uniform links without the given parameters.

This setting only applies to future data, current data will remain intact.

In your Ecomail account, you will find the results from Google Analytics in the submitted campaign report in the Google Analytics tab.

ga conversion

Advanced measurement using Ecomail tracking code

Get more detailed statistics on customers behavior, such as users movements on your site, including purchases made. Just add our tracking code to your page. More information can be found here.

If you have any further questions regarding the use of Google Analytics in Ecomail, you can contact us at


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