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What data can you get from the contact details? Contact lists, groups, and behaviour in campaigns.

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After creating the contact list, you can either import the contact or add them manually. Just click on the appropriate contact list and on the right to "Add contact".

You will see several basic fields that you can fill in and you can expand this section by clicking "Add more contact data". It is always important to fill in the email address, as it is the main feature of any contact. Then confirm "Add contact".

The email address cannot be edited and if you enter it incorrectly or the contact creates a new address, the contact must be deleted and recreated with the correct or current email. Unfortunately, you will lose the history of behaviour, because it is always linked to the previous email.

If you want to see the contact detail, click on the contact and the detail will open.

In the Overview, you can see basic information about the contact. You can permanently delete or unsubscribe a contact at the top right. On the left, you can see contact email address, rating and status. This is also where customer tags can be found. Below you see the last events of the contact and in which lists the contact is located.

After clicking on the list detail, you can see when the contact was added to the list, its source, when the contact was unsubscribed, etc. Below, you will se preferences (if you set any) - you will see which preference groups you have generated for the list and in which preference group is the contact located. Here again, you can make changes manually.

In the Properties section you can see all basic properties (basic fields), such as name, surname, address, birthday, etc. For contacts with name (and surname) and country (CZ, SK, HU), a name (surname), gender and nameday date are automatically generated.

Below, you can see custom fields.

In the Activity and events tab you will find all activities of the given contact:

  • all received newsletters

  • undelivered newsletters

  • opened newsletters

  • clicks in the email

  • all site visits (if you have site tracking code and Marketer+ tariff)

  • all custom events on the site (if you have a tracking code on the site and the Marketer+ tariff)

Under the Purchases tab, you will find a complete summary of purchases that you send to Ecomail for the given contact. (Only for the Marketer+ tariff)


  • Category name

  • Name of a product

  • Price

  • Purchase date

  • And more

In the last tab, you can add Notes to individual contacts. Even according to these notes, contacts can then be segmented.

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