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Create and manage a contact list
Create and manage a contact list

How to create a contact list and what can I manage here?

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Before creating a list for the first time, it's a good idea to think about how you will manage your database. The easiest work is within one contact list, in which you will further segment.

When is it good to create multiple contact lists?

If you send multilingual newsletters, it is ideal to have an individual contact list for each language variant. The main reason is the possibility of translating the check-out form.

If you manage two or more companies, use our agency accounts. Working with databases will be clearer than in several contact lists.

How do I create a contact list?

To create a new contact list in the Contacts section, click on "+ New contact list". Don't have this section between your bookmarks? You do not appear to have permission to manage contacts. Ask your Ecomail account administrator.


After clicking on the "+ New contact list" button, you will have the option of initially setting up the contact list. Here you need to fill in:

Contact list name - for your report

Sender's name - it is good to keep a unified form here.

Sender's email - the email from which your newsletters will leave. Don't forget to verify the domain

Reply-to address - enter your email address to which you will receive replies


You have now created a contact list and can see the Contact List. You currently have no contacts in your list. However, you can add them to the right individually using "Add contact" or in bulk via "Import". You can read more about import here.

In the Report, you can set whether you want to display contacts active, logged out, reflected, spam or unconfirmed.

You can export the displayed contacts (active / logged out / reflected / spam / unconfirmed) on the right, at the bottom of the page. The export will arrive at the email under which you are logged in to Ecomail. The exported file will come in csv format - you can convert it to Excel according to these instructions.


In the Overview, you can also set the display of columns, where you can choose whether you want to see first name, last name, labels, groups, or even your own fields.


What can I do with my contact list?


On the left you see several options for managing your contact list:

Segments - used to divide contacts according to different rules. It's a kind of filter. You can learn more about segments here.

Groups - or preferences are information that a contact chooses when entering an email into the contact collection form (eg how often he wants to send newsletters)

Custom field - there is additional information for contacts that are not defined by Ecomail (eg favorite color, date of birth of the animal, etc.)

Signup forms - used to collect contacts from your website, Facebook, etc.

Settings - global settings for the open contact list. More information below.

Import contacts - through this step you can add or update contacts in bulk

Gender analysis and name days - the application detects genders and name days immediately after import from their names. This feature is available for certain countries (The Czech Republic, Slovakia). Let us know if you require a different one, we will be happy to help.

Attention! for SK / Slovak contacts it is necessary to have "SK" in the Country field at the first import

(if you change the value of "Country" backwards, ask us for a system update of gender analysis and name days at

Facebook integration - used to collect contacts from Facebook to the list of contacts in Ecomail

Unsubscribe contacts - here it is possible to unsubscribe contacts in bulk - be careful, it is not possible to unsubscribe them en masse again

Delete contacts - here it is possible to delete contacts in bulk - be careful this is an irreversible state

How do I manage my contact list?

In each contact list, you will find the Settings option, where you can adjust:

  • The name of the contact list

  • Sender's email and email for replies to campaigns sent to the list

  • Registration settings - here you set the confirmation of double opt-in email and subsequent forwarding

  • Logout settings - what resistance you want to put on your contacts when you log out

  • Notification settings - if you want to be informed about newly logged in or logged out contacts in your email

  • Translation of the logout form - here you set the language when logging out

  • Webhook settings - if you want to send information to the webhook

If you have any further questions regarding contacts in Ecomail, you can contact us at

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