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Preferences and preference groups

Give your contacts the opportunity to select their own preferences - you can then personalize your emails more.

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Do you wish to give your contacts a choice of what type of messages will they receive from you? Would they rather read about skiing or more about summer sports? Or maybe they would like to receive communications about both? Give the customer a choice of their preferences.

You can create a poll to select/edit preferences, then paste it into a form or email, then set it up in a specific contact list.

In this article you'll find:

How to set up a preference group

1. In the contact list, click on the "Preferences" section in the left menu and select "Create new group":

2. A window with preference options will open and you will be able to set up your preference group.

It is possible to set several options for your responses:

  • Checkbox - select one or multiple responses

  • Radio - select only one of the responses

  • Select - option to display the answers in a "selection", selecting only one response

  • Hidden - if you have used preferences in the past, you can now simply "hide" them -> they will no longer appear in the form/email

After you select the response type, you can enter a question in the "Group Name" field to modify your preferences and add as many answers as you like:

3. Save the preferences by clicking Create group.

You can now use preferences in forms as well as in mailings!

Using preferences in forms

After creating your preference group, you can display them directly in the signup forms. Any additional modifications to the question or answers (or their type) should be made in the "Preferences" section.

Drag the "Preferences" into the form body from the left menu in the form editor and select the question you want to use. If you want to display more than one, drag the "preference" field again and select the next question (after clicking on the preference field).

Updating a contact: if you want to update the data of already registered contacts, you can simply turn on this function in the form -> the contact from the form will then be "overwritten" again with new information, but its original registration date and source will not change.

Using preferences in campaigns

If you want to give your contacts the option to edit their preferences, just use a merge tag in your template, similarly to the unsubscribe link or the online version.

  • For a button, set the link of a button to *|PREFERENCES|*

  • For a text link, select the text that should display the preferences. Then click on a paperclip (insert/edit link) in the toolbar - a window will pop up, where you will be able to insert the merge tag *|PREFERENCES|* into the URL field.

Tip: If you keep the link to the preferences in the template for other mailings, the contact has the option to change their preference by simply clicking the preferences again.

How to group your contacts by their preference

Each contact is assigned a preference based on their choice. In the contact's details, they are then visible directly in the "Preferences" section.

If you want to work with the contacts according to the preference selection you can use segmentation. You can then send a newsletter related to the preference group by sending it only to that segment.

You can see the preferences in the contact list export as well. Export is available both in the preview of the entire contact list and in the segment, always on the bottom right.

How to add contact preferences via API

If you want to add contact preferences via the API, you can assign them to an already created preference group. Currently, you cannot create preference groups via the API.

You can insert this code into the request, where you will find the preference group ID either by calling the list, which will return the group ID ( or you can dig into the source code of the application and look for data-group=

"groups": {

"grp_5a145ee75780f": [

"Category 1",

"Category 2"



If you have any further questions regarding preferences in Ecomail, you can contact us at


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