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What about additional information for contacts? More lists? Not necessary. Use custom fields. Read how to do it here.

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In Ecomail you can add other fields (information) to your contacts such as First name, Last name, Birthday and more. Those are basic fields, i.e. pre-defined by Ecomail. You can see all pre-defined fields here.

In the contact properties, you can see the Basic fields (Basic properties), i.e. the ones that are pre-defined.

If you wish to keep more than just the pre-defined information and you need more fields, you can create your own custom fields. Custom fields are additional information for contacts. You can find them below the basic fields.

How to create a custom field?

You can create a custom field within the contact list in the Custom Fields section in the left menu. Click on Contacts -> select contact list -> Custom field.

Click on the Add Custom Field button in the top right and you will see the option to create a custom field. Select:

  • Field Name - for your own overview

  • Merge tag - no diacritics, spaces, hyphens

  • Type - choose whether it is text, number, date or URL

By clicking on Create new custom field this field will be created.

Now you can add your own fields to your database in Excel, where you already have the basic fields (first name, last name, address). In our case, we are adding the custom field CardID.

What format should you upload the fields:

Telephone number - always with the area code (for example +421123456789)

Date - YYYY-MM-DD format only

Email - always one email per line. In case there are multiple emails on one line, Ecomail can only import the first one

Number - between 0 and 2147483647

NOTE: the maximum number size for the number type field is 2147483647, larger numbers will be replaced with this maximum value in the email.

Now just copy the contacts into the list via the green "Import" button. You can find a more detailed procedure on how to import contacts here.

Check the box "I have consent from all contacts to receive commercial communications. This is not a purchased contact database." and put "IMPORT CONTACTS".

Now you need to name the columns according to their content. You can select the custom field that we have created before.

Click on the "Import Contacts" button and the contacts will be imported into the contact list.

Now the contacts are imported along with your additional information. You can see the custom fields in your Contacts overview.

After uploading your custom fields you can segment your contacts by this field.

How to segment your contact list by value in custom fields

Fields, whether custom or basic, can be written out in the newsletter. Each contact will then see the information they have saved under their email address in the application in the newsletter. They can see their First Name, Last Name, City, Pet, Customer ID, etc. You only need to copy the merge tag into the newsletter.

In the image above, you can see the copied basic field with Name and the custom field Card ID. In the image below, you can see how the email was displayed to, for example, Anne, with her Card ID 4320444929.

Where can I find a merge tag to copy into the newsletter?

All merge tags for custom fields can be found in your Ecomail account in the relevant contact list in the left menu > Custom fields.

How to personalize using custom fields in automations?

In automations, you can work with custom fields in exactly the same way as in regular campaigns. You simply copy the merge tag into the template.

Our TIP:

Insert a merge tag directly into the subject of your campaign (whether regular or automated) to further personalize your newsletters.

If you have any further questions regarding custom fields in Ecomail, you can contact us at


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