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Contact tags and their use
Contact tags and their use

How to quickly update the database? Segment by labels.

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In Ecomail, you can add tags directly to contacts, which can be used for better orientation in your database. Therefore you can easily select contacts and mark them in your database for overview. However, work with tags thoughtful, it is not possible to edit them or delete in bulk.

Use when importing

Do you have a file with contacts that are obtained, for example, from a promotion, or is it different from other contacts? In the last step of the import, click on the option "Add tag to these subscribers" and enter the individual tag as you wish.

add tag to a new contact

The example shows the import of contacts from a promotion in Berlin, so you choose the tags promotion, Berlin and May2021. Separate tags with a space.

individual tags

In the contact list, you then see the individual tags for each email address. In the "segments" section, you can also filter contacts by these tags.

tags in overview

Add tag via API

If you want to insert tag via API, do the following:

"tags": ["sometag"]

However, this method overwrites the tags, so if you want to add a new ltag to existing tags, you must enter the existing one in the call.

Use in automation

You can also add a tag to contacts in automation. A typical example is an automatic welcome campaign after signing up for receiving news on your website (for example via a pop-up form). If you tag these new contacts, you will then have an overview of the source of the email address.

For the case described above in automation, select the trigger "User signs up" and then select the action "Add tag".

tag in automation

Name the tag. In this example, we collect contacts from a pop-up form, so we choose the "pop-up" tag.

tag name

You will use tags mainly for the subsequent creation of segments. The most common is the creation of a segment according to the source of the contact. For example, I want to send a reminder email to everyone who registered through a pop-up form. Go to the contact list, click on the segments and set the tags - has a tag - write a tag, eg pop-up.

segment by tags

Labeling contacts via click from the newsletter

Need to tag contacts who clicked a button in your campaign? For example, "I was satisfied with the purchase" X "I was not satisfied with the purchase" or "I agree to send commercial messages" X "I do not agree to send commercial messages"

Attention! It is not necessary to add tags to all links. You can segment by clicking on a specific link. Tagging contacts through a campaign is easier to work with contacts when you still want to report the same link. For example, satisfaction with the purchase, or before May 25, 2018, approvals were thus obtained again in accordance to the GDPR.

How to do it:

Insert a button in the newsletter and insert the following merge tag instead of the usual link:

A) Merge tag to insert under the button:


If labeling "mytag" doesn't suit you, you can replace it with your own word. However, the designation "mytag" must be one-word without accents, hyphens and underscores. For example, gdprconsent, satisfied, dissatisfied, etc.

After clicking, a thank you page will appear. This page cannot be edited.

If you want to display your own thank-you page after clicking the confirmation button, simply insert a link to the thank-you page after the merge tag. Or a link to the page where you want the contacts to refer.

B) Merge tag with its own redirection under the button:


Instead of mytag, you can again use your own label name and after ?Redirect= enter the URL of the page to which the user will be redirected. So for example *|ECM_ADDTAG_mytag|*?Redirect=https: //

If you want to use additional parameters in the redirect address, then the address needs to be urlencoded. You can use this tool, for example, to do this.

Users who click on the button are so-called "tagged" - the label you have chosen in the template is added to them. You can see it in the list of contacts, or directly in the detail of the contact.

added tag by button

And how to work with tagged contacts now?

In segments:

In the list of contacts to which you have sent these campaigns, create a segment according to the contact detail .: Tags => has a tag => gdprconsent. Or, for example, "has a tag satisfied", etc. You can then continue to send your campaigns to the segment.

gdprconsent tag

In automations:

Or you can start an automation with a trigger such as "Tag gdprconsent is added" and all those who clicked on the button in the campaign and a tag has been added to them, will receive an email, SMS, or another event according to your needs.

tag is added

If you have any further questions regarding tags in Ecomail, you can contact us at


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