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Unsubscribing and deleting contacts
Unsubscribing and deleting contacts

How to insert unsubscribe link into your newsletter and how to unsubscribe or delete contacts in bulk.

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How does unsubscribing work

Contacts can unsubscribe directly in the newsletter, using the unsubscribe link that you insert at the end of your message. You can insert the unsubscribe link anywhere in the newsletter, but recipients are used to finding it at the bottom:

How can I add an unsubscribe link to the newsletter?

To insert an unsubscribe link, simply copy the following merge tag:


Now, you need to insert this merge tag into the link box, which is displayed by selecting the text you want the unsubscribe link to be under and then clicking through the small paperclip in the toolbar.

When the link insertion menu appears, insert the merge tag mentioned above into the URL field.

Your campaign is now ready to be sent out to your contacts. The unsubscribe link field will be automatically filled with the specific unsubscribe link for the particular contact after sending. This link will automatically unsubscribe your contact from the contact list after they click through. Once your contact unsubscribes, no more campaigns are sent to them.

If you use multiple contact lists, we suggest setting up the option to unsubscribe from all lists. Without this option checked, your contact might receive a newsletter that they no longer wish to receive. With this option checked, after your contact clicks on the unsubscribe button, he will be unsubscribed from all of your contact lists. You can find this option in the contact list settings.

In the Contact list settings, you can also set whether you want a contact to unsubscribe with one click or whether the contact must confirm the unsubscription by email.

Similarly, you can also set up a redirection after unsubscribing here.

Can I translate the text a contact sees after unsubscribing?

The opt-out form can be found in the contact list in the Settings section. For different language versions, we recommend having a separate contact list for each country you send your newsletters to. You can then translate the opt-out form accordingly for the given language.

Can a contact re-subscribe even if they are unsubscribed in Ecomail?

Yes, they can. If they re-subscribe, for example, from a contact collection form.

How do I unsubscribe contacts in bulk?

You can unsubscribe contacts in bulk from the contact list in the Unsubscribe contacts section. You can copy-paste the email addresses into the unsubscribe contacts field and unsubscribe them in bulk.

Attention! Contacts cannot be re-logged in bulk. This is to prevent possible spamming of contacts.

You can also unsubscribe contacts in bulk in the contact list overview. You can also resubscribe contacts in this way, but you need to tick the ones you want to unsubscribe or subscribe back.

Do I need to delete my unsubscribed contacts?

You do not need to delete unsubscribed contacts. Unsubscribed or bounced contacts are inactive contacts, so you don't pay anything for them. No further messages will be sent to unsubscribed contacts.

We do not recommend deleting unsubscribed contacts. This is because you could then accidentally upload them back in as active contacts and continue to send messages to them. You would then start spamming.

How do I delete contacts from Ecomail?

To delete contacts in bulk, open your contact list, select the option Delete contacts and then copy-paste their email addresses into the Delete contacts field within the contact list.

Attention! This action is irreversible.

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