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Import and update of your contacts
Import and update of your contacts

How to import and update your database without creating constantly new lists? Update contacts without duplicates!

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Once you have created a contact list, you can start importing your database into that list.

To import contacts, click on the appropriate contact list where you want to import the contacts. First click on "Contacts" at the top of the menu, then select the contact list and open it. Finally, click "Import" at the top right, or "Import Contacts" at the left.


There are several ways to import a database:

1. Copy & paste - ideal if you only want to copy contacts that you have, for example, in one column in Word or a text document

2. From CSV file - if you have a generated file in csv format

3. From the Excel file (XLS) - you will copy all the cells you have in your Excel file

4. Assisted import - if you are unfamiliar with import, or if you are unable to import the selected file, request assisted import and fill in the required information and we will help you with it.

1. Import using Copy & paste

If you have only emails in the column (and no other information, such as name, surname, etc.), you can use the fastest variant of import - Copy & paste, where you just copy the column with emails to the field for import and import them.

Do not forget to click that you have a confirmation for sending commercial communitaction from all contacts.


After clicking on the "Import contacts" button, you will get to the second step of the import, where you need to set the columns and enter that it is an email. If the column is left blank, then the contacts will not be imported.


In the second step, you also set whether it is an import of active, unsubscribed or auto-returned contacts.

Active contacts are the ones to which you want to send your newsletters and are included in the total number of your contacts in the account.

Unsubscribed contacts are those who have unsubscribed from your newsletters. These contacts do not belong to active contacts and are not included in the total number of contacts in your Ecomail database.

Auto-returned (bounced) contacts or returned contacts are those to which the email could not be delivered. These contacts also do not belong to the active contacts in your database.

2. From a CSV file

If you have contacts in a CSV file, all you have to do is upload the file to the marked field, click on the consent to send the newsletters and select the "Import contacts" option.

In the second step of the import, do not forget to name the columns if there is more than just an email. Such as: First Name, Last Name, Street, Country, and more. Otherwise, the contacts will be imported without these fields.

3. From an Excel file (XLS)

To import from Excel, first open the Excel and copy all the fields with ctrl + c and use ctrl + v to copy selected fields to the contact box. Be sure to check that you have a consent to send newsletters to your contacts and continue using "Import Contacts".

xls file

In the next import step, be sure to set (name) the columns -columns with email, name, surname, street, etc. If you enter some custom information, you can enter it as a custom field. Depending on the content of the custom field, enter in the second field whether the content is "String", "Number", "URL address" or "Date". If you enter a date, it must always be in the format YYYY-MM-DD, either for a custom field or a default field such as "Birthday".

filling the columns

In this step, you again select the option to import contacts as subscribed - active - contacts, unsubscribed, or bounced. If you are importing contacts from Spam complaints, import them as unsubsribed.

4. Assisted import

Cannot do import even according to the help? Move the database file to the field when choosing assisted import and write a note of what and how you want to import your database - we will import your contacts instead of you.

Update of your contacts

If you already have contacts in your contact list and only want to update the database, either with new data (adding first name, last name, custom contact attributes, tags, etc.) or with new contacts, you proceed in the same way as in the case of the basic import. The only change is that in the second step of the import you click on the option "UPDATE DATA FOR ALL EXISTING SUBSCRIBERS".

update data

Do not worry, contacts will not duplicate this way, (already) unsubscribed contacts will remain unsubscribed. Only new fields would be added to already existing contacts, or the contents of the fields would be modified with new ones. New contacts will be added, including new fields.

For newly imported contacts with first name (and last name) known by czech/slovak/polish calendar, the addressing, name day and gender will be automatically generated in a short time.

In what data format to import:

Phone number - always with area code and no spaces (for example +421123456789)

Date - only in YYYY-MM-DD format

Email - always one email per line. If there is more than one line of emails, Ecomail can only import the first one.

How to delete contact data?

If you want to delete already uploaded contact data from the contact list in Ecomail, you can use the following procedure:

>> in the existing contact file (csv, xls) left blank space in all the cells you want to delete from Ecomail (then the current value in Ecomail will be deleted.

>> to re-import contacts, in the second step activate the function to update data for already existing subscribers.

If you have any further questions regarding contacts in Ecomail, you can contact us at


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