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How to set up a Double opt-in
How to set up a Double opt-in

Double opt-in is used to verify the email address of a new subscriber. Confirmation of interest. Approval of newsletter subscription.

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What is double opt-in?

Using this function, your customer will be sent an email immediately after registration to the specified email address, where they must confirm the existence and functionality of this address.

Why is it good to set up double opt-in?

It is one of the methods to verify whether the email address exists and if the registration is not faked. By implementing this function it will be easier for you to prove the user's conscious and free consent to receive the newsletter. Among other advantages, it is also a good way to avoid new subscribers adding their email addresses with typos, which helps the process of creating a healthy database. It is also a way of protecting yourself against accusations of sending spam and last, but not least, improved delivery.

How to set up double opt-in

If you already have a collection form for your contact list and you want to set up a double opt-in for every new contact, it is easy to set up. Choose the contact list and click on the Settings option.

Next, you scroll down to Subscribe settings and toggle the double opt-in settings. Input fields will appear for you to fill in the email subject and content of the confirmation email. You can either write your email in plain text or using an HTML template by selecting one of your own templates. You can create the HTML template in advance in the tab Templates. If you wish to use the HTML template, please respect all the principles of creating an email template for your regular campaigns (simplicity, clarity, more text than images etc...).

In both cases, the email/template must include a confirmation link. You can do this by inserting a classic merge tag in text form - *|SUBCONFIRM|*, which will be replaced by a link that will confirm the subscription of an email address. If you wish to use a button in your template for the confirmation, use the same merge tag - *|SUBCONFIRM|*, as a URL. We do not recommend an image with a link. Read more about creating a template in the interactive editor here.

The last thing you need to do is to fill in a URL where the new subscriber will be redirected to. Ideally, the link will lead them to your website or a thank you page.


If the redirect URL is not set, the user will be redirected to hosted Ecomail page after clicking on the confirmation link.

If you set up a redirect URL, the user will see the page you set, therefore it is a good idea to consider putting an acknowledgement or confirmation of login to the list so the user knows about a valid login. You can find the redirect URL settings at the bottom of the Double opt-in settings.

Where can I find the reports of Double Opt-In emails?

In the app, you can find the reports of double opt-in emails under the tab More. Here you select the Transactional emails.

Next, select the Double opt-in. Here, you will find information about the email - the type of event, the subject of the email, email addresses of the recipient and the sender and the date and time of the events.

If you have any further questions regarding double opt-in in Ecomail, you can contact us at


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