Connecting your system to Ecomail

Elements that help you connect your system to the Ecomail app

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Do you need to connect your system with Ecomail and don't know where to start? In this article, we will tell you the basic info.

API & Webhooks

Ecomail has an available API, that will help you integrate your system into Ecomail. With API, you can work with your contacts, send campaigns, trigger automations, send transactional emails and much more. You can find our API documentation here.

With Webhooks, you can receive updates about certain parts of the app from Ecomail and work with them further. See the following articles for

Tracking code

Thanks to the tracking code, you will be able to collect statistics, such as the behavior of individual recipients of your newsletters on your website, including purchases, page visits and similar activities. The tracking code can only pass the info to Ecomail if a user has been successfully tracked. If you're using a tracking code, the main way to track a user is via a click-through in an email.

You can find your own tracking code within the Manage your account > Integration.

You can find more here.

💡TIP: You can speed up the process of tracking by manually tracking the user, for example by using the email address the user is logged in with. Read more here.

Synchronising contacts from your own system or form

If you manage your database in your own system, or you simply collect your contacts via custom form, you can automatically import the contacts into Ecomail using our API. See requests for adding/updating subscribers and bulk subscribing.

Transaction tracking

You can send information about orders to Ecomail and then further segment your database or create automations accordingly. It is also possible to send historical orders to contacts with transaction history. Integration is possible using a modified tracking code or via our API - see transactions.

Cart content tracking

With Ecomail, you can send a reminder of an abandoned cart to your e-shop visitors that have previously been tracked. You can set it up in a few steps that we have summarized for you in this article.


If you need to test an individual process in any part, you need to track your contact in your browser to do so. You can easily do this in two ways:

Put the following string after the URL link and replace it with your email address that has been previously added to your contact list.


The link can then look like this:

Using the browser console run the following snippet (make sure to replace the email with your email address)

window.ecotrack('setUserId', '');

Your address in Ecomail should then have events in the Activity tab in the Contact detail.

Anything unclear? Don't hesitate to contact our customer support.

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