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Webhooks - Contact status change
Webhooks - Contact status change

You can use webhooks to send information about contact changes to a designated address.

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Ecomail allows you to send information out of Ecomail and collect them for further use. You can use so-called webhooks.

In this article, we will talk about how to send information about changes in the status of a contact in the contact list.

Where can I set my webhook?

The webhook address can be set in the contact list settings at the bottom.

What is the structure of the webhook?


Status can have values UNSUBSCRIBED or SUBSCRIBED

The webhook is sent in the following cases:

  • The contact subscribes to emails (using a form, api)

  • The contact unsubscribes from email (using unsubscribe link)

  • The contact is manually unsubscribed/re-subscribed in the contact details

  • The contact is unsubscribed and re-subscribes

  • The contact is manually unsubscribed via bulk unsubscribe

⚠️ If double opt-in is enabled, the webhook is only sent at the moment of registration, the double opt-in confirmation is not sent to the webhook anymore

The Webhook is not sent in the following cases:

  • The contact is unsubscribed manually using this button

  • The contact is unsubscribed via API

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