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Abandoned cart with personalized email content
Abandoned cart with personalized email content

Send an email with abandoned basket contents using the most popular and efficient automation.

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In this guide we will describe:

  • What contacts will automation run on

  • Requirements before creating automation

  • How to set up automation

  • How you can test automation

TIP: Start building brand awareness and a quality relationship with your contacts through targeted e-mailing - use our pre-set automation or create your own automation step by step according to the instructions in this article.

What contacts will automation run on?

Automation for the abandoned basket will be triggered for contacts who will add the goods to their cart in your online store, but will not complete the purchase. Through an Automation, you will remind users of their goods and you can persuade them to complete the purchase.

Automation will run on tracked contacts from your Ecomail database who have visited your site via a tracked campaign or automation, or on contacts that were tracked manually.

Automation settings step-by-step

Before creating automation, it is necessary to:

If you use the Prestashop plugin, Shoptet or Shopify plugin, points 1-4 are set automatically and you only need to create a template (point 5).

Creating an automatic campaign

Once the connection is active and you're ready for your template, you can start creating an automated campaign.

Set the trigger frequency to multiple times and select the custom event trigger ‘Basket’. Fill in the exact values ​​according to the example below in the "custom event". The automation will start whenever the user inserts the goods in the basket.

custom event trigger for basket

As soon as the automation starts, set the subsequent scenario according to the strategy of your choice. The scenario can look like this:

  • wait 3 hours

  • condition whether the user has placed an order in the last x hours (we recommend to use a time reserve, so in this case >> in the last 6 hours)

  • if an order was not placed, send an email with the content of the basket

  • you can also send another email after another 48 hours, for example

The automation tree can then looks like this in Ecomail:

Tip: You set whether products remain in the basket directly in your online store. If, for example, you work with stocks and regularly "clear out" the baskets, you need to adapt the Automation to this -> if you "clear out" the baskets after 24 hours, you will set a waiting no longer than 24 hours.

At the same time, the fact that the contact's products are displayed to him, is related to the contact's activity, which must take place on the same device where cookies and history are stored, or the online store must work, for example, with storing information on the logged-in user.

If you also send an empty basket event to Ecomail according to the instructions in this article, automation will not send an email to the contact with the empty cart.


If you want to test an abandoned basket, you need to be tracked first. You can do this easily in two ways:

  1. Insert the following string after the link and replace it with your email, which you have in the contacts list: ? (eg

  2. Run a snippet via the console in the browser (eg in Google Chrome via Developers tools or F12> console) and replace it with your email:

window.ecotrack('setUserId', '');

Once you are tracked, put the goods in your basket. Then enter your address in the contact list for which automation is set. Wait for your custom events to be displayed in the contact details (Activity and events) and then insert the contact into automation testing.

Do you find template creation and automation difficult? Need help with specific settings? Do not hesitate to contact us on our chat, which is available to you in the application or on the website.

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