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Webhooks - Campaign activities
Webhooks - Campaign activities

Use webhooks to collect data from campaign activities

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If you want to get information about individual events from the sent campaign, such as delivery, bounce, click-through, etc., you can do so via the following webhook.

The webhook is sent via POST method in JSON form to the url address you define. If the webhook is not received within 10 seconds, a timeout occurs. After setting the url for the webhook, an example webhook will be sent to you.

Setting up url for sending webhook

Set the Url in Manage your account > Integration > Webhook (at the bottom of the integration page).

Events that are sent are:

  • bounce

  • delivery

  • injection

  • spam_complaint

  • out_of_band

  • policy_rejection

  • delay

  • click

  • open

  • initial_open

  • amp_click

  • amp_open

  • amp_initial_open

  • generation_failure

  • generation_rejection

  • list_unsubscribe

  • link_unsubscribe

  • relay_injection

  • relay_rejection

  • relay_delivery

  • relay_tempfail

  • relay_permfail

  • ab_test_completed

  • ab_test_cancelled

  • success

  • error

All events are available here

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