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Do you work in Shoper platform? Integrate it with Ecomail and use the data for your mailing.

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👉This integration is only available in the Marketer+ plan.

In this article you will find:

What will the integration do?

  • real-time synchronization of contacts from the e-shop to Ecomail

    • those who agree to subscribe to the newsletter have the label shoper_newsletter

  • real-time synchronization of orders

    • including category and order status

  • tracking user movement on your site using a tracking code

  • synchronization of labels for contact labeling

  • synchronization of discount coupons

  • Running automation following the login of a new contact

The plugin takes a few minutes to install. Get started. ⬇️

How to install the add-on?

  1. Log in to your Shoper account and go to the Add-ons & Integrations page. Here, in the Apps section, search for the Ecomail add-on and click on Install the app

  2. Confirm the installation by clicking on the Install button

  3. Go back to the add-on setup and click "Configure"

  4. On the page, click on the button and log into your Ecomail account. If you do not have an account, you can create one in this step.

  5. Select the contact list to which the e-shop contacts will be transferred and the folder for transferring discount coupons.

  6. And you're done! 🎉

If you have already worked in Ecomail, activating the add-on will change the language of your environment to Polish. You can easily edit this setting in the section Zarządzaj kontem > Lokalizacja i bezpieczeństwo > Lokalizacja aplikacji

Which contacts are transferred to Ecomail?

Contacts from orders from the Shoper platform are transferred based on legitimate interest. You can then send a similar offer of products or services to these contacts via a mass communication. More about this here.

The following labels are transferred to the contacts based on the consent form:

  • Shoper - the contact made a registration or purchase on the e-shop

  • shoper_newsletter - the contact has consented to receive newsletters (newsletter registration)

  • shoper, shoper_newsletter - the contact has made a purchase and agreed to receive newsletters

The shoper_newsletter tag is transmitted when contacts have the option to check the newsletter interest in Shoper. If your website doesn't offer this option, the shoper_newsletter label will not be added to your contacts.

In addition, the language code that corresponds to the language that the e-shop has set is transmitted to the contacts, for example: shoper_en, shoper_en, shoper_cz.

You can then segment contacts based on these tags:

Contacts that are transferred to Ecomail via this add-on also have the value "shoper" in the Source field. You can segment the contacts according to this value.

Checking the first connection

To check if the data transfer is correct, click on "Contacts" in the top menu and click on the list you selected during integration (e.g. First list or Customers). In the contact list you will find information about how many active contacts are in the list.

To check the customer's contact details, click on any email address -> Properties. You will see an overview of the purchases made in the Purchases section.

For discount coupons from Shoper, a new folder is automatically created in your Ecomail account that you can work with.

Abandoned basket - how to

Use the abandoned cart event in automation to remind your contacts of an incomplete purchase. This is one of the most effective automations.

If a contact doesn't complete a purchase, a custom event is created in Ecomail that you can react to further.

To send an abandoned cart reminder email, continue with the automation settings in this article, or work with the pre-configured automation.

Set up user tracking

User tracking allows you to collect information about your customers' movements around the site. It allows you to react to the browsing of each page of your e-shop and personalize your mailing.

How to do it?

The integration will ensure that the tracking code is implemented in your e-shop automatically. To ensure proper tracking, you need to configure this code.

Configure it in these five steps:

  1. Go to the Shoper administration and navigate to the Dodatki a integracje

  2. Here, select the Integracje wlasne section.

  3. Go to the middle section Stopka strony, przed zamknieciem </body>

  4. Here, on line 20, replace the following part of the code:

    ---!!!HERE INSERT YOUR ACCOUNT ID!!!--- with the identifier (name) of your account.

    Account ID is the name of your account - you can see it in your URL or Dashboard.

    For example, the account has the appId mystore and the code will say: appId: 'mystore'

  5. Save the settings.

Setting up a contact collection form

ℹ️ This step is optional. Forms allow you to grow your database.

You can create a contact collection form in Ecomail and easily add it to your website.

The form allows you to collect new contacts and expand your database. Just create a form in Ecomail and insert it directly into Shoper.

How to do it?

  1. Create a contact collection form in Ecomail (follow this help)

  2. Click on "Use form"

  3. Copy the code located between <script> and </script>

4. Go to the Shoper administration, go to Wygląd i treści -> Wygląd sklepu -> Obecny szablon graficzny -> Własny skrypt JS and paste the copied code here.

Do you want to use multiple different collection forms on your e-shop? Simply copy the codes from multiple forms below.

Remember: the code is pasted without the first and last line with the <script> tag

5. Save the settings and you are done 🎉

Adding a product feed

Add product to email in seconds? Easy with a product feed!

Read all about it in this article.

Where can I get the XML product feed?

Getting the XML feed is easy. Install the product feed application in the Shoper administration and generate XML for Ceneo, Heureka, and others.

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