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Using products from product feeds in your templates
Using products from product feeds in your templates

Insert your products into the template, set what you wish to display.

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Start using product XML feeds in our template editor and make creating templates with products easier once and for all. By using a product feed, you'll have your products in the template within minutes, including all the necessary product information.

Product feeds are only available within the Marketer+ tariff and their maximum size is 500 MB.

Importing the feed

In our drag and drop editor you can work with products from your XML feed (Heuré, Zboží.cz, Google Merchant). Simply upload the XML feed to your account:

Click on +Add product feed, then select your feed type and then enter the URL of your XML feed:

Confirm the selection by clicking Add product feed.

Your feed will sync within 24 hours. If you need to sync your feed sooner, click on the "manual sync" icon (two arrows in a circle) next to the feed.

Adding products to the template

Once the XML feed is synced, you can start working with products within the template editor. In the structure of your template, select where you want to insert the product. Then simply drag and drop the Product box into the selected location.

After you drop the Product box into your structure, click on it. In the left menu, you will find all the available options that you can set up in your product.

First, select your product feed from the list, then simply search for a specific product by its name.

In the next settings, select which information you want to display (price, name, button, picture, description, price before discount) and in what order you want them to be displayed.

Product its data

Once a product is inserted into the template, currently available data from the product feed will be used to fill in the product properties in your template. However, if you wish to plan a campaign several days in advance and you wish to use the current data for the products, then you need to use the following merge tags.

*|ECM_PRODUCT_productId_name|* - name
*|ECM_PRODUCT_productId_description|* - description
*|ECM_PRODUCT_productId_url|* - url
*|ECM_PRODUCT_productId_imgurl|* - image url *|ECM_PRODUCT_productId_price_vat|* - price

In each of these merge tags, you need to replace the productId with the id of the product you wish to fill in.

Price before

For the product feed of and you can use the item


to fill in the price before discount.

You can then find it in the editor in the product view settings:

This feature is now also being developed for the google merchants product feed.

Using premade blocks

For even faster work, you can use premade blocks that come with a preset structure and content. All you need to do is select the specific product you want to show. Select Premade blocks in the block selection menu. For structures that work with products, select the E-commerce option.

To use this premade block, just drag and drop it into your template. Then click on the product and select your product from its product feed. This way, you can assemble the complete template in no time.

You can make any product modifications on all products at once. Just turn on Apply to all products in the left panel. For example, if you now edit the colour of a button, the colour will change for all products.

Currently, we are developing a dynamic product block feature. You will no longer have to choose the right products for your customers, Ecomail will do it for you based on the information you have gathered.

Would you like to use any other product feed? Let us know!

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