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A brief introduction into the background of our app, who we are and what is Ecomail good for.

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Ecomail is an emailing platform that provides a service to help you build and keep a good relationship with your customers by email newsletters and other email campaigns.

We started as a small startup in 2014 in the center of Europe, Prague. Over the years, we have grown and so has our customer base. Currently, there are more than 5.000 active users with the number still rising.

We are based in Czech Republic, but our customers are sending their emails worldwide. At the moment, we target over 160 countries.

Check out why we are special, what we have to offer and why YOU should try us out.

What makes us special.

Not a corporate👆

Many e-commerce companies are big and have a great number of employees. As the company gets bigger, some rules and regulations have to be set up so the company can truly work. In Ecomail, we are still not a corporate company. We are a friendly group of people that build the product together. We do not rely on strict rules.

Personal approach🤝🏻

With the office and its team working without the strict rules of a corporate company, we can afford to be more personal and have loose boundaries. This allows us to get more personal and meet the needs of our customers.


It is our priority that you get to have the best user experience possible and the best emailing results. Whenever you feel lost or unsure, our knowledge base will guide you. Our customer care team is available too and ready to answer all your questions related to the app itself or emailing in general. We will give you tips on how to improve your campaigns and deliverability.


We want your emails to be successful. The deliverability of our email servers is 99.7%, which is already a good start. Multiple factors affect deliverability, such as sending domain, database management, the content of your email, and the frequency of emails. With us, you can master your email campaigns and have all these factors on their top level.

Customer-oriented app 🤩

Your opinion matters to us and we take it into account when developing new functionalities for the app. Our email editor is continuously being updated based on current trends and the availability of functions in emailing. The whole app is also easy to use. There is no software needed to use it.

Affordability 💲

Compared to other e-commerce products, we belong to the ones that are not only good but also affordable. With prices starting at 6$ per month, you can reach your customers easily. We also offer a free two-week trial! Claim your trial here.

What can you do with Ecomail

Email campaigns

Email campaigns are the core of Ecomail. You can send all sorts of emails ranging from classic newsletters, sale reminders or personalized email campaigns with content tailored specifically for every customer.

If you have many ideas for your campaigns and can’t figure out which one is better, you can try out A/B tests that evaluate which version of your newsletter will be more effective and will have better results by sending it out to a small part of your database. A/B Test will then automatically send the more successful variant to the rest of your database.

Your emails can be personalized with the customer data you already have. You can therefore show different content for people having similar interests (e.g., send female-centered sales email with products specifically for women).

After your campaign is sent out, we will show you detailed results. You will see how many people have opened your campaign, how many people interacted with it somehow (by clicking on a link), people who unsubscribed from your emails etc.

In the Reports section, you will be able to see which links your contacts clicked the most and what device they used to open your email. You can use this information to make your emails even more efficient.

Custom templates

We have our own custom WYSIWYG drag-and-drop editor that will make creating email templates easy for you. You can build your template within minutes and have it suited to your needs or you can use one of our pre-made templates. All the available functions work perfectly in the mailboxes of your customers so you don’t have to worry about the newsletter being broken.


A great way to reach your customers as soon as possible after a certain action is to set up automations. Thanks to automations, you can set up multiple steps that will happen after a condition is met. Activities such as opening an email, completing a purchase or putting items into a basket can trigger the sequence of steps. With the automatic process, you can easily send a thank you email, congratulate your customer on their birthday, or react to their interest in an event sent out in your email.

Database management

What is more important than a proper database management system? With Ecomail, you can nicely keep track of your contacts’ activities. Any contact that unsubscribes from your database is moved to a separate folder that doesn’t receive emails anymore, therefore you don’t have to worry about being tagged as junk mail.

Activities of a contact show when was the last time a contact interacted with your email and what links have been clicked. If you set up web tracking, you can also see what pages the contacts view.

All of this information can be used within segmentationthat allows you to filter out contacts based on a met condition. Contacts can be sorted out into smaller groups, which you can see for better personalization.


Ecomail can be connected to a wide range of applications to make your emailing even more effective. If there is an app you don’t see a plugin for, you can connect Ecomail with Zapier, Make, or with our API.

Why should you try it?

Emailing can help you boost your sales by building a relationship with your customers. We offer a free trial and you can cancel anytime.

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