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How does Ecomail measure email statistics?
How does Ecomail measure email statistics?

How Ecomail app measures metrics of your email

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In this article, we will explain how we measure

How do we measure click-through rates in email?

The moment you submit a campaign that contains any links, for example to your website, our system will track those links by creating unique link redirection. These links are unique to each individual email sent.

The moment the user clicks on the link, our system will record the click-through and redirect the user to the original link you entered in your template. This operation takes only a fraction of a second and therefore the average user has no chance to notice it.

If you wish to use your own tracking domain, you can learn how to do it here.

How do we detect that an email has been opened?

This metric is calculated two ways.

Each email we send contains an invisible tracking image (pixel) that is unique to each individual email. The moment this image is downloaded and displayed, Ecomail logs the event and saves this information as an opening event for that particular email.

For this reason, however, email opens cannot be recorded for email clients that do not automatically display images. Therefore, there is a second way to record the opening of an email.

If the email was not opened, or the event was not recorded, but the email was clicked through, we can simply assume that the email was opened and we record the event.

How is email deliverability measured?

Unfortunately, in the world of e-mail, it is impossible to determine whether an e-mail has been delivered to the destination mailbox. It is only possible to determine the response from the server where the mailbox is hosted.

This response can either be positive, i.e. the email has been received and delivered, or negative, i.e. a "bounce". In this case, the email was not delivered for several different reasons, for example, the mailbox does not exist or is overflowing.

Thus, in general, email deliverability is measured by treating emails that have not been delivered as delivered.

How to measure campaigns using Google Analytics

If you measure traffic to your website using Google Analytics, you can also link it to Ecomail, both for regular campaigns and automated campaigns. You can read more in this article.

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