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Verifying tracking domains using CNAME records
Verifying tracking domains using CNAME records

How to set up tracking domain to track campaign interactions. How to verify a tracking domain using CNAME record.

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To fully understand what is tracking domain and why should you use one see this article.

To increase the trustworthiness of your emails we recommend setting up a tracking domain. Custom tracking domain is used to collect click statistics from your emails.

Log in to your website's hosting and open up the DNS settings. Choose the tracking domain you wish to use and add the following CNAME record:

Record type





Note: Some hostings do not pre-fill the domain name - then you need to write a full domain name - p.e. The process should be described in your hosting's FAQ.

Save the record entry and wait for the record to be updated.

Open the tab Domains under your username in your Ecomail app and insert the tracking domain URL into the tracking domain field (bottom field).

After you add the tracking domain, you have to assign it to the sending domain. To assign it, click on the small arrow on the right, next to the domain you want to assign it to, and select "set tracking domain". Then you select an inserted verified tracking domain from the list and add it to the selected domain.

Now your tracking domain should be all set up!

Can I turn off the tracking of individual links?

Yes - to achieve this simply add this snippet of code into the link you do not wish to track: data-msys-clicktrack="0".

<a href=""> This link will be tracked </a>
<a href="" data-msys-clicktrack="0"> This link will not be tracked </a>

Can I set up HTTPS on my tracking domain?

It is possible to set up HTTPS on your tracking domain, but the set up is not exactly simple. You need to have CDN. To receive a guideline on how to do it, please, contact our support.

What does it mean when my tracking domain is considered "not private" by my web browser after I tried to visit it?

Your web might be using HSTS head, which is a security setting to prevent man in the middle attacks. Your website says it may not display content loaded via insecure HTTP, but it must always use secure HTTPS. There are three solutions to this:

  1. Delete includeSubdomains from the HSTS header to allow insecure access from the tracking subdomain

  2. Set up security for the tracking domain via HTTPS (see above)

  3. Use our default tracking domain

If you have any further questions regarding domains in Ecomail, you can contact us at


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