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Reactivation or automatic reactivation campaign

Reactivate your contacts using an automated reactivation campaign

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Recapture inactive contacts or "dead souls" that do not open or click on your messages and have not been active for a long time using the Reactivation Campaign.

TIP: Start building brand awareness and a quality relationship with your contacts through targeted emailing - use our pre-set automation or create your own automation step by step according to the instructions in this article.

In this automation, some contacts will be reactivated and others will be unsubscribed automatically. As a result, the database is constantly updated and the mailing results are relevant, as inactive contacts do not distort your mail opening and click metrics.

It is because of this automatic campaign, in which you send a series of emails, for example with a discount offer (discount coupons) or exceptional content (special offer, VIP club), that you have the chance of reactivating your contact. The goal is to make the content so interesting that the contact opens or clicks on one of the emails in automation, and thus again belongs to the active contacts.

You can automatically unsubscribe the contacts who go through this automated campaign without any activity at the end of automation.

Here is one example of what such Automation might look like:

Tips for creating this automation:

  • First you select the frequency of automation >> choose according to whether you want to reactivate the contacts "several times", if necessary or "only once" (eg. when reactivating after a longer time)

  • The trigger of automation will then be "Recurring" where you set which contacts are inactive according to your definition (this can be, for example, according to the condition User activity in the campaign >> have not opened any e-mail in the last x days, etc.):

This is just one example of how you can set up your automatic reactivation campaign. You can adjust the automation to your needs or requirements.

You can find the results of the campaign in the Automation report.

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