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How to work with preset automation scenarios
How to work with preset automation scenarios

Would you like to use automated campaigns, but do you find their setup too complicated? Now it's easier than ever.

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Of course, you can create automation from the scratch and set up the entire scenario according to your requirements. Now, you have also our pre-set scenarios, which you can use for your easy work.

We have prepared for you 8 scenarios of the most used automations, including templates that can serve as inspiration for you:

  • Thanks for subscribing

  • Discount on the first purchase

  • Holiday card

  • Birthday cards

  • Abandoned basket

  • Reward 30 days after purchase

  • Anniversary from the 1st purchase

  • E-book download

So how do you prepare and run the preset automation?

How to work with automations step by step:

1. In the Automation section, click the green button + New Automation

2. Fill in the form name of the automation, the frequency of its start-up and select the list of contacts to which it is to be connected, in a pop-up window.

NOTE: in this help you will find more information on how to choose the right frequency according to the specific type of automation. The frequency can then be adjusted at any time in the settings. It's not possible to change the list to which automation is connected.

3. Select the automation template you want to use

You can see more information about the purpose and settings of each of the preset automations, as well as a preview of the entire scenario by clicking Preview and more information.

If you are satisfied with the choice of automation, click Apply Template.

4. Now you can start editing the scenario and setting the details in the same way as you would create a new (custom) automation. You can then find more details on creating and managing automation in this help >>.

In each "Send email" action, do not forget to fill in the necessary details such as the name and email of the sender with a verified domain, the subject of the email and the address for replies:

If there is a condition in the automation controlling the purchase, such as for an abandoned cart, it is necessary to set up your e-shop in this condition so that this check takes place:

With scenario selection, you also always automatically download a ready-made template (or templates) that is ready for it. You can find this template(s) in the Templates section.

So please customize each email and its content to match your brand, or prepare your own and link it to automation, see the point above - Email template.

5. If you have automation completed and tested, click Start and Close. From this moment, automation is active and emails are sent according to the prepared scenario 😉.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us at

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