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Wishing happy birthday and name day using automation
Wishing happy birthday and name day using automation

Wish your customers happy birthday or name day using automation

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Would you like to make your customers feel special and send them a congratulations email on their birthday? There is nothing easier than creating an automation that will send birthday cards for you.

These automations will help you build a relationship with your customer.

TIP: Start building brand awareness and a quality relationship with your contacts through targeted emailing - use our pre-set automation or create your own automation step by step according to the instructions in this article.

You can wish happy birthday to all contacts who provided their birth date. We can automatically wish happy name day to contacts from the Czech Republic. For other contacts, if they have the appropriate value in the "Country" field, we will also wish contacts from Slovakia [SK value], Hungary [HU value] and Finland [FI value] according to the relevant calendar.

What is needed to wish the contacts on their great day?

The contact database in Ecomail must state following data

for birthday:

  • birth date - in the form of RRRR-MM-DD

for name day:

  • first name - thanks to which our system automatically generates the name day date, vokativ and gender.

  • information on nationality - in the predefined field "Country", if it is a non-Czech contact (all contacts are considered Czech by default)

Along with the e-mail address, it is necessary to import the country value for non-Czech contacts, eg. “SK” or “HU” for this field. Thus, the application generates a holiday date and address relevant to the country.

Example of contact data import:

Here we import an email with the name Eva, from Czechia, etc.

In the second step of the import when selecting categories for individual values:

Then, you can see the contact detail after import - where the correct holiday date is visible for the name "Eva" from the Czech calendar, which the application automatically generates from the values "name" and "country":

What if I forget to import a value into the "Country" field?

If you import contacts without a value in the "country" field, they are automatically considered Czech. Therefore, if their name exists in the Czech calendar, not only the holiday date will be generated, but also the vocative and gender.

If you wanted to generate holiday data, eg. for Slovakia, but forgot to import the value "SK" into the field "Country", just import the contacts again with this value and check the box "Update data for all existing subscribers":

Then write to our online chat or email so that we can delete the original generated data (holiday date, gender, vocatives) so that you can start the analysis again.

How to create an Automation?

Be the first to create a template to send in automation. For example, templates might look like this:

TIP: Learn how to add your customer name to a template in this article.

If you have already created a template, click on the “Automation” section in the main account overview → where you can then click on “New Automation” and the following menu will appear:

You can use "Name day / Birthday" as the title (it is for your report only).

Then you need to select the frequency of starting the automation. "Multiple times" is selected for the holiday and birthday campaigns, because in that case the automation will start whenever the user meets the condition (trigger), even if he has completed this automation in the past.

This means that you will want contacts every year and not just for the first time.

The next step is to attach the contact list to which the automation is linked.

The trigger / trigger of the automation is “Date Anniversary”, where you select a field of the "date" type, either a name day or a birthday. You can choose to send the email as another action.

Automation can then look like this:

1.Birthday automation

2. Name day automation

Of course, you can also use discount coupons in automation, and offer customers a discount on their next purchase.

You will learn more about discount coupons in automation in this article.

You can find the results of the campaign in the Automation report.

If you have any further questions regarding automations in Ecomail, you can contact us at

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