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1.SMS credits

To send SMS campaigns, it is necessary to work in a paid mode in Ecomail. You also need to have telephone numbers entered in your contact list in the required format.

2.How to set up an SMS campaign

Select a Campaigns tab in the top menu.

Choose SMS Campaign and pick a name for your campaign.

Then select the contact list, segment, or combination of the lists to which you wish to send the SMS campaign.

In the next step, fill in the basic information, such as the sender's name, or name of the campaign.

TIP: For SMS campaigns, the default name of the sender is info-sms. At your request, the sender's name can be edited to your own custom name. The proposal of the sender's name must be approved by the telephone operators. The activation is realized within approximately 30 days from the request. The sender's name is charged by the registration fee and regular monthly fee. For more information do not hesitate to contact us at

The content of the SMS campaign:

  • The maximum length of SMS is 160 characters for messages without accents or symbols ($, €) and 70 characters for messages with accents.

  • If you use merge tags, the length of SMS may differ for each contact - we recommend testing the campaign and considering the fact that some contacts split the content into two messages (p.e: for NAME, one contact has "Emma", when the other one has "Elizabeth" -> different number of characters are added to the rest of the message)

  • Each SMS should contain information that it is a business message.

When you are testing the campaign, you can test your campaign on your own phone number. However, merge tags will not be filled when testing a campaign (because they cannot be overridden by a correct value from a contact profile). The SMS will therefore look exactly, as you see it in the picture above.

In the last step, you will see a summary of the entire campaign. You will be able to see the sender's name, the message text, and the number of recipients. You can submit your campaign immediately, or schedule it for any day or hour.

3.Log out and Respond options in your SMS Campaign

SMS campaigns are sent from a system number, so they cannot be answered. If you wish to give your contacts this option or add an option to unsubscribe, write your own phone number for responses into the body of your campaign. This way the contacts can answer to it, or unsubscribe. You can then search for contacts in the application by contact's phone number and log them out manually yourself.

Another way to unsubscribe is to insert your own unsubscribe link to your website, which will unsubscribe contacts automatically in your system. Then it is necessary that you also unsubscribe all those contacts in Ecomail (eg. via API).

If you need help with logging out in an SMS, do not hesitate to contact us at

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