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Plugin functions

  • Synchronization of new contacts (tag "prestashop_newsletter" is added to those who opt-in)

  • Selecting the list of contacts to which the contacts will be synchronized

  • Option to select data for synchronization of contacts

  • Order tracking (only for Marketer+ account)

  • Inserting a tracking code to track user movement and product view on the site (for Marketer+ account only)

  • Manual user tracking at login (Marketer+ account only)

  • Cart content tracking for possible abandoned cart automation (Marketer+ account only) (API, logged in users only)

  • Sync basic order data to contact (Marketer+ account only)

  • Plug-in connection status with Ecomail

  • Translation to English according to Prestashop settings

Prestashop plugin is designed for Prestashop versions 1.7 and 8.0 and PHP 7.1 or higher.

As of version 1.9.702, the abandoned cart is sent via API. Therefore, there will no longer be cookie overflows and non-functioning orders/basket. However, it does mean that a contact must be logged in to your e-shop for the cart to be sent to that user's email in Ecomail.

How to install the plugin

In the Prestashop administration, click on Modules and Module manager in the menu. On the page that appears, do the following:

  1. Add new module

  2. Select a file

  3. Select the .zip file of the downloaded plugin

  4. Upload this plugin

  5. After the plugin is installed, click "Configure"

  6. Now go to Ecomail and create your account or sign into your existing account.

  7. After your account is created, go get the API key (you can find it in your Ecomail administration under the Account Management - Integrations tab).

  8. Then, enter your API key into Presta:

9. Then select the list of contacts you have in Ecomail to which you want the Prestashop contacts to be synchronized.

10. Then set the options (YES/NO) according to your preference.

➡️ Save this setting and wait for the page to load.

11. As a last step, set the webhook in the selected contact list (in Ecomail) to the URL that is generated by the plugin and displayed in the green bar. Setting the webhook will send information back to your Prestashop about unsubscribed contacts from newsletters and unsubscribe them in Prestashop admin as well.

Activate user tracking on your website

If you have a Marketer+ account, you can activate tracking on your website. This allows you to track customer activity and react with targeted emails. You can also track activity in customer's basket and remind customers about products they forgot (e.g. abandoned basket).

To activate tracking, enter your identifier from Ecomail in the appId field (this is the account name that you see directly in the URL. So, for example, the account has its appId mystore) and click Save.

Add a sign-up form to your website

Ecomail allows you to create any sign-up form and add it to your website. This is a great way to collect new leads and grow your database.

To do this, you will need to fill out this section:

How to do that?

  1. Create a form in your account (step-by-step guide here) and save it

  2. Open the "Use this form" option

  3. Find the "" code

  4. Paste this code into the dedicated field

  5. Add your identifier from Ecomail in the Ecomail account name field (this is the account name that you see directly in the URL. So, for example, the account has its appId mystore)

  6. Click Save

Not sure if the plugin is installed correctly?

Just find the Ecomail plugin in the Module manager (Modules > Module manager) and click on the Configure button.

On the configuration page, you will see a message at the top regarding the status of the plugin's connection to Ecomail: Connection to Ecomail is active.

For some stores, there might be an issue with syncing historical data. The reason is a missing authorization. To ensure the plugin is working correctly, please check the .htaccess file (available on How to Regenerate Prestashop htaccess Step by Step – ClassyDevs ). In this file, look for line: SetEnvIf Authorization "(.*)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1

If this line is missing, please add it manually. Then, save the plugin again.

Prestashop and cookies

❗ Important notice ❗

In September 2021, an amendment to the Electronic Communications Act was approved, which brings an obligation for website operators to store cookies only with the active consent of visitors, effective January 1, 2022. If you do not have this resolved in your Prestashop store, we recommend disabling features such as tracking code and cart content tracking.

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