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Setting up a form for collecting contacts
Setting up a form for collecting contacts

In this article you will learn how to set up a collection form and how to work with new and existing contacts.

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Basic form settings

When you are creating a form, in the settings menu you can set up the type of form (Pop-up, Static form...), source of a new contact (for example discount pop-up form, Christmas 2020, pop-up, etc...), and size of the form. You can find more settings submenus here as well.

Update existing contact: If you wish to update data of contacts that are already registered, you can simply turn on this function. This will cause the contact to be written in the contact list again with new, updated data, but its original registration date and source will not change.

Display settings (only available for slide-out forms & pop-ups)

In these settings, it is possible to personalize the display of the form. You can choose from:

  • URL is

  • URL contains

  • URL doesn't contain

  • URL contains a set of strings*

This means you can set the form to appear for example only at the URL, or so the form is not displayed to users when purchasing (i.e. the URL does not contain "order").

*Here you can use regular expressions or regex. This is a slightly more complicated way to describe a set of strings in a single string. You can read more here.

Pop-up settings:

In the pop-up settings, you can set the colour of the cross to close the form and more importantly when is the pop-up shown to the user. The options are following:

  • On page load - As soon as the page loads, the pop-up shows up

  • On page count - When the user visits a certain number of pages on your website, the pop up will appear (for example, if the number is set to 3 after the user visits three different pages on your website, on the third page there will be a pop-up)

  • On spent time - After set seconds spent on the page, the pop-up appears

  • On exit-intent - If the user will aim with his cursor to close the page, a pop-up will appear

  • On scroll - As soon as the user scrolls down by a certain amount of pixels, the pop-up will appear

TIP: How to test a pop-up

When you test your pop-up form, once you close the pop-up, it will not appear again. This is correct behaviour for a pop-up, but it would be difficult to test with the pop-up closing. Therefore we have prepared a special parameter that can be added to the link where you have your form. Adding it will ignore whether the form has already been opened.

Parameter: ecmwdebug

Slide-out form settings:

In the slide-out form, you can set the colour of the slider and the cross button to close the form. You can also set the position of the slide-out.

Working with multiple steps in the form

In settings of the form, it is possible to add a second or a third step. In these steps, you can add additional information that does not fit well into the first step.

This can be, for example, a field for a city, telephone, or any other non-mandatory field for the user. You can add a step with a white cross and remove each step with a red cross in the upper right corner.

After submitting

This step will be displayed after confirmation and submission of the form. You can thank the user for subscribing to the newsletter or insert a special coupon or link to the discount. This step is modified the same way as the previous steps.

If you have any further questions regarding sign up forms in Ecomail, you can contact us at


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