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How to use multiple email variants in automations
How to use multiple email variants in automations

You can set a condition in the automation and depending on which condition the contact meets, the appropriate email variant will be sent.

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Email variations in automation allow you to create multiple emails that you can use to send personalized emails based on a condition met for a contact - so you can address multiple conditions in a single automation action without having to create complex branches of steps and conditions.

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What are email variants in automations?

Within a single step in your automation, you can set up multiple conditions, and multiple email variants that will then be sent to a contact based on a fulfilled condition.

The number of variations does not limit you, so it is up to you how many possible conditions - and therefore personalised emails - you set up.

How to set up different variants

To set up the variants, enter the automation editor. Select "Send Email" action from the left column of actions and drag the action into the automation editor (if you are not sure how to work with the builder, see this article for example). Click on the action in the automation field.

This will open the settings where you can activate a feature to send multiple email variations:

Once the option is checked, you will be able to add additional email variants.

Within the settings, you will automatically see the default variant - this email variant will be sent to all contacts that have met multiple conditions at once or have not met any of the conditions:

To add any other variant, use the "Add variant" button.

To select variants that will be active, or disabled work with the checkbox next to its name.

The disabled options will remain in the editor, but they will not be sent even if the contact meets their condition.

To delete a variant, simply open the variant and click on the "Delete variant" button. Deleting a variant cannot be undone.

Variant settings

At the top, you can name the variant as you wish - only you will see the naming and it is used to navigate the scenario.

The first thing you need to do is to set the condition that the contact must meet in order for the email variant to be sent to them. The same logic as within segments applies here.

Below, you can set up how will each email look. You can choose a different subject, template and senders email/name for each email. Sender's address must be on a verified domain.

Make sure to Save your variants once you set them up.

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