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Migrate from Mailchimp automatically
Migrate from Mailchimp automatically

If you're switching from Mailchimp, we'll show you how to automatically synchronize your contacts to Ecomail

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Are you switching from Mailchimp to Ecomail and want to know how to convert your contacts as easily as possible? Thanks to our Mailchimp plugin, you can use a one-time sync of your contacts into your Ecomail account and have your contacts available immediately.

💡If you're still unsure about switching to Ecomail, check out the comparison here.

In this article, you will find:

How to setup the plugin

Firstly, log into your MailChimp account and click on your icon, at the bottom of the administration. From here, select "Profile":

After opening the profile, click on Extras -> API keys:

In the "Your API keys" section, click on the "Create A Key" button:

Once the new API key is created, copy its value and go to your Ecomail account. There select Account Management -> Integrations -> Mailchimp:

In the window, insert your copied API Key and click on "Connect". The contacts will then be automatically synchronized to your Ecomail account.

💡 The speed of the process is determined by the size of your database.


Where can I find my transferred contacts?

The plugin will automatically transfer all your Audiences (contact lists) from Mailchimp. into Ecomail. In Ecomail, we recommend working with only one contact list for clarity - you can simply merge the individual transferred lists and then work with a single contact list using segmentation.

In Ecomail you can find the converted contacts in the Contacts section. The Audience name will be kept and you will find the source information [Mailchimp] in square brackets:

You can rename the list in the contact list settings.

What type of contacts is transferred from Mailchimp?

All contacts from Mailchimp are transferred to Ecomail. After the transfer is complete, you will find both active, bounced and unsubscribed contacts.

See the following table:


Active contacts that have subscribed to your email marketing campaigns


Contacts that have unsubscribed from your email marketing campaigns


A contact that has communicated with you but has not opted in to receive email marketing campaigns (e.g. contacts from your online store, manual imports, or from forwarded emails to your Mailchimp inbox). You may not send bulk mailings to these contacts.


Bounced contacts.

*Non-subscribed contacts have not opted in for receiving bulk mailings, therefore you may not send your campaigns to this type of contact. These addresses will be marked with the tag "bez-prihlaseni". You can unsubscribe them using segmentation.

What contact info will be transferred?

  • Email

  • Name & Last name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Tags

Since both apps work differently, activities and contact history can not be transferred.

Will my contacts continue to sync automatically?

Transfer of your contacts from Mailchimp is a one-time transfer, so it is recommended to monitor and edit the contacts (unsubscribed and spam contacts) for some time to prevent them from being sent out again, for example, if they unsubscribed from an older Mailchimp campaign a few days after the transfer.

How do I transfer forms, templates and automated emails?

Templates, forms, and automated campaigns cannot be automatically transferred from Mailchimp due to differences in editors and application settings. Therefore, you need to create templates and automated campaigns directly in our app.

💡TIP: If you would like help with the complete migration from the Mailchimp platform, we can help you out! Just contact our support.

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