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Collect contacts into Ecomail with Facebook Lead Ads
Collect contacts into Ecomail with Facebook Lead Ads

Creating a form for collecting contacts on Facebook

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If you want to collect leads easily and simply from Facebook directly into Ecomail, start with Lead Ads.

In this article, you will learn:

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

They are a special form of advertising targeted at potential customers on Facebook, which allows you to collect leads directly from Facebook quickly and easily, with an emphasis on usability on mobile devices. You can learn more about Facebook Lead Ads directly on the Facebook website.

How to set up a Lead Ad campaign that will add contacts directly to Ecomail

1. Connect Facebook with Ecomail

  1. First, link Ecomail to your Facebook page. You do this by selecting a given contact list in Ecomail to which to transfer the Facebook contacts.

  2. Click on the selected list, select "Facebook integration" in the left column and click on "Connect Facebook".

  3. The next step is to log into your Facebook.

  4. After logging in, select your Facebook page.

  5. Once you see your page underneath the "Connect facebook", the page is linked to your contact list and you can start creating your ad.

2. Create your Lead Ads Campaign

Once you have Ecomail linked to Facebook, you can get started on creating your Facebook Lead Ads campaign.

It is necessary that the campaign is created using the account that you connected to your Ecomail App. You can see more on how to create lead ads campaign here.

First, find the Ad Centre in your Facebook/Meta Business Manager:

Select the Lead collection ad campaign:

Then set up your Campaign - set up your budget, the audience to reach, and all the specifications.

To set up this type of campaign, you need to create a form. It is mandatory to collect the value email. You can also work with the pre-made questions offered by FB, which are transferred to the default fields in Ecomail. These fields are first name, last name, gender, street, city, zip code, company, phone, birthday, and country fields (work with the country value in the form, not the state, to transfer to the country field).

In addition to the predefined fields, you can also collect data from your own pre-defined questions. You can choose from two types: short answer or multiple choice.

In order for the data to be correctly transferred to Ecomail, you need to have created in the contact list (where the contacts from the ad will be transferred to) so-called custom fields whose merge tag will match the field name in the Facebook form.

3. Testing Lead Ads Forms

Got your Lead Ad ready? Before publishing it, it is advisable to test the functionality of the form. You can use this tool:

You can also test the appearance of the form, just click on Ad Preview in the "Check" section and select the option "Send a notification to Facebook".

A preview of the campaign will appear on your phone right on your Facebook "wall". In the first step, you will see the ad, then click on "Sign up" to open the form.

Once created, the campaign is being approved by Facebook - this can take some time. Once the campaign has been approved and published, the contacts that have subscribed will start to appear in your selected contact list in Ecomail.

4. Work with your contacts in Ecomail

All contacts registered via FB Lead Ads will have the source "facebook_lead". Based on this information, you can, for example, create a segment of those who came from Facebook and work with them further.

For newly acquired contacts, it is ideal to create an automatic welcome campaign to help you "welcome" the new subscriber and motivate them to become more active. See how you can create an automated campaign.

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