Welcome campaign for new contacts

Reach out to new contacts who have just signed up or bought your product for the first time, and establish a quality relationship with them.

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When creating a welcome automation, the recommended frequency of running is "only once". The automation trigger is "User signs up".

TIP: Start building brand awareness and a quality relationship with your contacts through targeted emailing - use our preset automation or create your own automation step by step according to the instructions in this article.

What contacts will automation run for?

Thanks to this trigger, automation is started only for new contacts that have not appeared in the given contact list yet. Starting automation with this trigger applies to contacts who subscribe to your mailing via a signup form on your website, manually imported contacts (here, however, it is necessary to check the box “start automation for these contacts” in the last import step) or contacts from orders (integration) or from your own integration using the API.

I have a trigger set. What's next?

By default, the next step is to send an email because you are responding to the contact's active time. Immediately upon recording the login, we will deliver to the contact content that may be interesting to him (welcome discount on the first purchase or e-book that you promised in the text of the form).

With this setting, the email is sent as soon as the user completes the initial trigger (signing up).

welcome automation

The next scenario of automation is, of course, up to you. For example, you can respond to the source of your contacts before sending an email.

TIP: Do you want to send the welcome email only to the contacts from the signup form? In this case, you can use the action "Add condition". It distinguishes contacts according to whether they meet the set condition (and is included in the YES branch) and a completely different scenario may follow for them than for those who do not meet (and it is included in the NO branch).

What content can I send?

The content of welcome emails from the e-shop, for example, is usually a discount coupon for the first purchase. You will find the necessary information about discount coupons in this separate article. If you are luring contacts to an e-book, send a link to your website where they can download the e-book or send chapters one by one (to create a welcome "series").

If you have any further questions, you can contact us at support@ecomail.app

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