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Make (formerly Integromat) integration

How to connect Ecomail with other apps using Make (Integromat)

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Couldn't find the right plugin to connect your app to Ecomail? Never mind - you can use third party platforms that connect two or multiple applications and can do all sorts of actions. In this article, we will talk about Make or formerly, Integromat.

Make is a platform that allows you to connect Ecomail with other applications and transfer new data to your account to work in Ecomail. The advantage of this connection is that Make does all the work for you. Only in the Make environment do you set up the scenario you wish to achieve.

An overview of the applications that can be linked to Integromat can be found here.

How do you connect Integromat with Ecomail?

First, you need to register in Integromat. After logging in, you will see a menu on the left side where you select the "Scenarios" tab. In this tab, click on "Create a new scenario".

Then click on "+" button and select

This way, you can do the following steps that are available:

Once you select the step you wish to do in Ecomail after certain action happens, it is necessary to connect your Ecomail app. You can do so by entering your API Key. You can find your API key within Ecomail account Through "Manage Account > Integrations".

The following step depends on the selected action. You can manually type in the fields that are to be added, or you can connect them to a form collection app. Once new contact subscribes, they are automatically subscribed to Ecomail.

You can try out the entire scenario via the Run Once in the bottom left corner of the scenario editor.

If Integromat doesn't suit your needs, you can also try using Zapier.

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