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Integration between Ecomail and Zapier

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What can integration do?

At this point, the integration offers the following options:

  • Trigger - when subscribing a new contact to the list (beta)

  • Actions: subscribe new contact, unsubscribe contact, start an automation

How to integrate?

To connect Ecomail to Zapier, accept this invitation to your Zapier account.

Now you have Ecomail connected and can create your Zaps.

How to use integration?

We will show an example of how the connection can be used. Let's say you have your own CRM system from which you send data to Zapier regarding a new order from a customer and you also want to start an automation for him in Ecomail.

1. Create a new Zap and select webhook > Catch Hook as the trigger. Zapier will generate an URL for sending webhooks from your CRM system. In the last step, test the functionality of the webhook, in our example we send data: {"customer": ""}


2. As an action in the second step, select the Ecomail application (if it does not appear in My apps, search for Ecomail in the search bar)


3. Select Trigger Automation, in the next step connect your account via the Connect an account button. Here you need to enter your API key, which you will find in the Manage your account section in Ecomail, Integrations tab.

4. In the next step you need to add the automation ID, which you will find in the URL / link when you are in the given automation (eg, and then the email item - here you need to enter the item in which you send the email via the webhook, via Insert and Field.


You can always test the steps directly from Zapier and verify the connection with Ecomail and the given automation. Do not forget to run and name your Zap.

Custom request

If you need to send requests other than those that are ready for integration, just follow the general instructions for adding a webhook.

Information about our endpoints can be found here.

If you have any further questions regarding Zapier integration in Ecomail, you can contact us at

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