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How can limited email clients display your newsletters
How can limited email clients display your newsletters

Have you stumbled upon a situation when some elements displayed incorrectly?

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There are many email clients your recipients can use to view your newsletters. Some recipients will view your email in mailboxes that are commonly used for corporate communications, for example, Webmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, IBM or WindowsMail.

These types of email clients are made to be as simple and light as possible to ensure fast communication, therefore some of your content may be displayed differently, than in most commonly used email clients.

The most commonly affected elements are:

  • Round buttons

  • GIFs

  • social network icons

  • images

  • special fonts

  • background images and more

In this article you will find:

Editor display vs Limited mailbox display

For comparison, here are some examples of how elements are displayed in our editor vs. how they may appear in the mailbox.

Editor display (Original template):

Typical Mailbox display (How recipients see your email):

A mailbox with limited options display:

Though the email still has its content and colours right, as you can see, some of the elements may appear differently in limited mailbox providers.

A rounded button has sharp edges and a

Images & GIFs must be downloaded to be viewed correctly

A background image has been completely removed

Social icons must be downloaded to be viewed correctly

Font has changed because this mailbox doesn't support it

Images not displaying?

This is a default setting for many corporate/limited mailboxes. Don't worry, the solution to the situation is to get the end recipient to:

  • Select the option in the settings to automatically display images in your emails

  • Enable image downloads directly in the email

  • View the online version

What mailboxes are most commonly affected?

The most commonly affected mailboxes are corporate mailboxes and mailboxes with limited options. Companies often have a strict mail server policy, which doesn't allow downloading pictures or receiving more complex emails. The most common ones are:

  • Outlook (OL Office 365, Outlook 2016 (Win), Outlook 2019 (Win))

  • Thunderbird

  • WebMail

  • IBM Notes 9, 10

  • Windows 10 Mail

  • AOL Mail

  • Yahoo! Mail

How can I deliver the content even to these mailboxes?

You can find out if you need to solve the different displays by using Reports from the campaigns you have already sent out - with these you can see how many of your users use these mail clients to receive the newsletter. You can find out in the reports for each campaign in the "Mail clients" tab:

If for the most part of your recipients use simple, limited mailboxes, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, we recommend choosing rather basic elements in the template or using advanced elements in the template in lower positions, after the main message.

You can limit using too many graphic elements, such as background images. Also, make sure to add a webversion link to your newsletters. This way even recipients with limited access may see the graphic version you have created πŸ‘.

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