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Setting up a link for the Online version and an Opt-out link.
Setting up a link for the Online version and an Opt-out link.

How to set up an Unsubscribe (opt-out) link along with Online version link? Why should you use these links?

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We recommend adding a link to the online version into every newsletter so the recipient can view the e-ail in a web browser window. Some email clients do not allow downloading of external images or do not support certain HTML styles (p.e. rounded buttons). You must include an opt-out link in each campaign you send. By law, each recipient must have the option to unsubscribe from your newsletter. When the recipient clicks on the link, he will be automatically logged out of the database at Ecomail and no other campaign will be sent to them.

Note: If the unsubscribe link is missing from your campaign, it will be automatically inserted at the end of your template.

If you do not wish to use any of our pre-made templates, where both links are already inserted, you can easily insert both of them into your own email template.

In the template editor, select the text that will lead to unsubscription from the newsletter. This text is usually at the bottom of the footer - for example, "Do you no longer wish to receive these emails? You can unsubscribe here". Click on the icon to edit the link in the text.

Into the URL field, type in the tag for unsubscribe link - *|UNSUB|*

As soon as you save, there will be a working unsubscription tag in your text.

The Online version link works very similarly. Write and select a text that will lead to the online version. This text is preferably on the top of the template.

Into the URL field, type in the tag for Online version - *|WEBVERSION|*

To check if both links are working you can send yourself a test email in the template editor. If you click on any of the links in the test email, you should see the following windows, which is a confirmation of working links.

If you have trouble with setting up the links do not hesitate to contact us at


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