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Advanced segmentation using custom queries
Advanced segmentation using custom queries

See how to use custom queries in segmentation

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In the Marketer+ plan, you have the option to segment your contacts using your own specific queries and their combinations. This article will help you understand Ecomail Query Language (EQL)

Within EQL you can use the following data:

  • all basic contact fields (e.g. name, surname, email)

  • custom contact fields

  • purchase properties (transaction.props)

You can use these operators:










You can make a custom query similar to this:

email EQUALS '' OR (email CONTAINS_NOT '' AND name EQUALS 'Jan') AND phone CONTAINS '+420'

The values for CONTAINS_ONE_OF and DOES_NOT_CONTAIN_ONE_OF must be in square brackets separated by a comma, for example:

name CONTAINS_ONE_OF ['John','Mark','Tim']

โ€‹Purchase properties

The following property relates to the purchase property, which can be defined as follows:

"props": {"myCustomProp": "customPropValue"} 

See more about purchase properties here.

To query the properties of purchase, you can use for example

transaction.props.frequency EQUALS 'yearly'

You can also use the last purchase query:

last_transaction.props.frequency EQUALS 'yearly'

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