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Measuring conversions in Ecomail
Measuring conversions in Ecomail

How are conversions calculated in Ecomail?

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If you have active integration set up in your account and you have Tariff Marketer+, you can track the Number of conversions and Total turnout in the report of each submitted campaign. These statistics can help you analyze and optimize your campaigns.

Ecomail measures the Conversions metric in a similar way other tools do, but our application knows more about the users and uses integration data for more correct outputs.

The application counts conversion as when the user:

  • makes a purchase within 10 days since opening the campaign email

  • makes a purchase within 30 days since clicking on the campaign email

Ecomail can also recognize the co-relation between an open email and a purchase. E.G. Google Analytics measures conversions by click-through rate in your campaign - therefore conversions in Ecomail do not match those in Google Analytics.

The Turnout metric shows the total amount of revenue from conversions in this campaign.

If you have any further questions regarding conversions in Ecomail, you can contact us at

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