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Reports of transactional emails
Reports of transactional emails

Track the results of transactional emails for the past 90 days directly in the application.

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Ecomail can be used not only to send regular campaigns and emails within automations, but also to send transactional emails.

Transactional emails have a different format than regular emails that you send using the application. They usually consist of notifications, such as order confirmations, order updates, etc. These emails are sent using API.

In Ecomail, you can find basic statistics of transactional emails. You can find the statistics in the top menu, under Transactional emails.

In the report overview, you can see statistics for the past 6 months. Here you can find information about:

  • how many emails were successfully delivered

  • how many users have opened the email

  • how many users clicked a link in the email

  • how many emails have returned (bounced)

You will also find information about the overall number of spam tags or overall click rate. All the numbers are clickable and they redirect you to the appropriate category in the "Activities section".

In the second section of the Reports, you can see an overview of events. Information from the past 10 days is stored here. Activities can be searched by email status, email subject, or email address. For returned emails, you can see also the reason for the return.

You can export contacts or part of them from the application. In the Last section of the Reports, you can see reports of double opt-in emails. There is information about:

  • event type (delivery, opening, email return, etc.)

  • email subject

  • email recipient

  • email sender

  • date and time of the event

All data is clickable and can be found using the filter available in the "Double opt-in events" section.

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