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Discount on the first purchase for new contacts
Discount on the first purchase for new contacts

Encourage newly registered contacts to make their first purchase by automatically sending them an individual discount.

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Do you have a signup form on the website or a link for user registration to receive news from your company? Reach these newcomers in the mailing list with a special discount to buy from your online store and motivate them to place an order.

TIP: Start building brand awareness and a quality relationship with your contacts through targeted emailing - use our preset automations or create your own automation step by step according to the instructions in this article.

What contacts will automation run on?

This automation will run on brand new contacts in your database. Users can subscribe via the signup form on the website or you can import them into the application (do not forget to click on the checkbox in the last step of the import: "Start automation on those contacts").

How to build an automation with a discount on the first purchase?

For automation, you can set the frequency to run "only once", thus ensuring that the discount on the first purchase will never be sent to the contact again (since it should only be sent to the first purchase). An automatic campaign typically starts with a trigger - "User signs up".

In the second step after the trigger, you can distinguish from which source the contact is coming from. If you have more than one form on the website, you can set which source will be credited to the contact in their editing (in the form settings section).

The source can be pop-up, registration, inquiry, facebook, etc. Accordingly, in the second step of Automation you set a condition and in several different branches of the Automation you can send everyone a different discount (ie a different discount coupon from different folders).

discount coupons

In this discount automation, you can either send the same universal coupon to all contacts, eg Christmasdiscount2021, or use individual discount coupons, which the application will copy to each contact separately.

And how can you send each recipient a different discount coupon?

It is not difficult at all, you upload the file with coupons that will be valid in your online store to the discount coupons section in Ecomail and then just use the merge tag in the Automation template, which is generated for you in the discount coupons folder. The whole procedure on how to set up the sending of individual discount coupons can be found >> here. Unique discount coupons are available in the Marketer+ tariff.

And what about the contacts we collect from Facebook Lead Ads?

If you have set up integration with Facebook and your contacts are synchronized to Ecomail as part of the Lead Ads contact collection advertising campaign, you can certainly address these contacts either as part of the Welcome campaign or send them a discount on their first purchase. Just add a condition to the correct source to the discount automation: facebook_lead

And what about a contact who does not use the discount coupon?

Continue in the created Automation tree and after the step of sending the first email with a discount >> add a waiting action and then a condition to check whether the purchase has been made. And if not, you can send them a reminder that their discount is still valid and invite them to visit the online store.

This is what the final Automation tree might look like:

automation tree

The last tip for this automation is to optionally set exclusions for everyone who has already purchased. At the beginning of automation after the trigger, add a condition for checking the purchase, so that the Automation for those who have already bought will end and a discount will not be sent to them.

placed an order condition

And where can I find statistics from this Automation? You will not find these reports in the Reports section, as you are used to from regular campaigns, but directly at the given automation >> in the Activities section.

If you would like to create this type of automatic campaign tailored with other options, do not hesitate to contact us at

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