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Creating and sending an email campaign
Creating and sending an email campaign

How to create and send an email campaign

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Creating a campaign is a matter of few minutes. Read this article for a more detailed way of creating a campaign and other tips.

1. In the Campaigns section, click on + New campaign.

2. Name the campaign (the name is for your report only) and select the Email campaign option (an alternative is the SMS campaign).

3. Select the contact list (whole list), combination of lists, or segment to which the campaign should be sent.

4. In the settings, fill in the basic data, such as the email subject, the name of the sender (from name) and the reply-to email address (the recipients will not see it, it is only used for their possible replies).

campaign settings

TIP: The From name should not exceed about 18 letters (because the other text is no longer visible in some email clients).

Email subject text:

max. recommended length 55 characters for a standard text subject

max. recommended length 50 characters using 1x emoji

max. recommended length 45 characters using the addressing

In general, on mobile devices at notifications the subject is displayed up to about 35 characters (depending on the size of the display), then it ends with three dots.

In the "From email" field, enter the address on the domain that you have verified in your Ecomail account in the "Domains" section. For example, if you have verified the bounce domain (third-order domain) - the address for sending the campaign can look like this:

5. In the next step, select a newsletter template:

  • You can use one of the recently used templates.

  • In the Saved tab you will find templates from the "Templates" section in the application

  • The next tab Sent campaigns contains all templates from already submitted campaigns.

  • You can create a New interactive template from one of the pre-prepared templates using a simple Drag & Drop editor.

  • Alternatively, you can use your own HTML code in the last tab, either by pasting the code or uploading a ZIP archive.

campaing settings - template

Tip: Do you want to create your own template? Do not have time to create a template?

The so-called blank template is available in Ecomail or our team of specialists will create a tailor-made template for you. You can find these options in the "Templates" section of the application. After creating a new template, you can send us a request to create a template on our part and we will contact you as soon as possible for more information.

new template

After selecting a template, it will automatically appear for editing -> in this step you can also look at a simple preview of the display on your computer and phone.

When you are satisfied with the template, click "Save and Close".

This will return you to editing the "campaign content" (step 3), in which it is then possible to insert an attachment into the campaign, up to 5 MB in size.

In general, however, we do not recommend using the attachments. The attachment will automatically increase the size of your email, which may affect its delivery, and at the same time it is not possible to measure the open rate. In addition, most users are not even used to opening it.

If you want to link the recipient to additional content, we recommend inserting the content, for example, on a landing page and linking to it in the campaign via a click.

6. In the testing step, you can send a test email of your campaign. If your email is personalized, you can easily test merge tags. For example, if you have a *|VOCATIVE|* merge tag in your address template, you can choose a random value (application randomly selects from the list to which the campaign is sent) or enter your own value. Because these are randomly generated values, they may not be consistent with the email address to which you send the test email.

merge tags testing

7. You can also do a spam test in the same step. This is to help you test the content of your newsletter and alert you if your email passes spam filters.

spam test

8. In the last step, you will check that the campaign matches your input. You can also choose to post your campaign right away or schedule campaign. Then click the Send campaign button.

send campaign

If you have any further questions regarding campaigns in Ecomail, you can contact us at


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