Ecomail strives to offer you the best and most affordable service for mass email distribution. It is our responsibility to ensure the smooth running of our application so that our reputation and delivery to all clients are not compromised. Therefore, it is necessary to comply with certain conditions for using our application. Both for your own good and for the good of all other users.

In the event of a breach of any of these terms, we have the right to notify the unauthorized use of our services and to temporarily block or cancel risky accounts.

Prohibited content

Ecomail cannot be used to spread messages with violent, illegal or harassing content. Please never send the following emails:

  • Emails promoting illegal products or services

  • unsolicited emails / spam

  • pornography or other sexual material

Additionally, you may not send emails with the following content or promotions:

  • escort services and dating

  • some specific drugs

  • work from home or make money online

  • gambling or betting games

  • multi-level marketing

  • affiliate marketing

  • loan offers

  • sale of "likes" or other similar services for social networks

  • sale or rental of contact lists

Prohibited practices when using Ecomail

We strive to offer perfect services at an affordable price. Nevertheless, we know from experience that some users try to circumvent our pricing policy and the basic principles of the system. It is therefore not possible to:

  • Send spam / unsolicited commercial messages. In some cases, you may be asked to prove the origin of your contacts.

  • Use non-copyrighted content in your campaigns. Such as pictures.

  • Use misleading or incorrect emails, addresses, names, links and other information in your business communications.

  • Share your password with anyone, for your security. Create a new login for other users.

  • Hack or in any way try to break into our system and exploit it.

  • Establish multiple accounts for one entity to distribute identical or similar content.

  • Use contacts that have been purchased, borrowed, or obtained illegally.

  • Using our hosting for purposes other than sending out email campaigns.

  • Targeted deletion of contacts, unsubscribe in bulk and then re-import contacts in order to artificially reduce the total number of contacts and thus avoid payment for a higher tariff.

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