Automation reports

See the performance of automations running in your account in separate reports.

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Have you created automations in Ecomail and want to see how they perform? Each automation has its own report where you can find out statistics.

In the main menu, click on the Automation section and select one of the running automations.


In the Overview, you will see an overall summary of the automation, similar to a regular campaign.

  • How many emails were sent in total - if you have multiple "send email" actions in your automation, this number is the sum of all emails within the automation.

  • Opened by users - how many unique users opened the email in the automation.

  • Clicked by user - how many unique users clicked within the automation emails.

  • Total bounce rate - how many emails within the automation were bounced and undelivered. An illustrative campaign performance graph is also available to see how attractive the mailing is to your contacts.

Below the graph, you can see how many contacts the automation was run on (users) and how many users went through the entire automation scenario to the end (completed). You can also peek at bounced addresses, specifically soft bounce and hard bounce.


If you click on Settings in the left menu, you will be redirected to the automation settings, specifically to the automation builder - this is where you create the automation tree, you can edit it back and view its settings. More about that in this article.

💡TIP: We do not recommend editing an already running campaign in progress - this may affect the operation of the steps already set up in the original automation.


If you want to test the automation out before running it, click on "close builder" instead of "run automation" and select the Testing option in the left menu.

This is where you can test the automation on your own email addresses. If everything looks good to you, click on "Run Campaign" on the top right. Alternatively, you can pause the automation you are currently running.


In addition to the basic overview, there are also Activities, where you can track specific contacts according to the activity they have performed in the automation -> e.g. in the opened section you can find all contacts who have opened the email in the automation.

You can also export individual activity tabs (bottom right corner).

If you want to see which email from the automation was sent to a specific contact, you can find this information in the contact details.

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