How to set up a custom form

How to set up a custom form to transfer contacts from your website to Ecomail.

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If you want to connect your own custom made form to Ecomail, or perhaps a plugin from your favourite system, you only need to follow a few basic rules.

Set the form method

Set the form method to "POST". Most forms are set this way by default.

Set the action URL of the form

Set the form URL action to the following: 

  • List ID : Is an ID of the list you want the contacts to be imported into. You can find this ID in the URL when clicking on the name of a contact list

  • APIKey : Is the key for API synchronisation. You can find the API key there:

    Manage your account > Integration

Set up the form fields

Set the correct form field names. For example, the name field must be named "name", the email field "email". The name for the custom field has the following syntax:


The rest of the field names are identical to our pre-defined merge tags. You can find them here.

If the double opt-in confirmation is also active in the contact list (where new contacts are synchronized from the form), these contacts will still receive the corresponding confirmation email in their inbox.

Set up your custom source

To add a custom source, just add the query at the end of the URL.

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