Agency accounts & managing of subaccounts

How to set up an agency account? How to create and manage subaccounts?

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If you need to manage multiple accounts and have easy access to all of them from one main account, you can work in an agency account. This type of account is suitable not only for agencies but for anyone who has more accounts in Ecomail.

You can request for your account to be switched to an agency account directly in the app, within the account management in the Users section.

You can also email us at Please state your account name or the email you are logging in with. We will switch your account into an agency account and we can discuss the next steps together.

How to manage your agency account

You can log in to your account the standard way. If you'll be adding additional sub-accounts, just click on your email in the top right corner and select Agency Management instead of Account Management.

In the Clients section, you can add additional subaccounts to which you will have easy access from your agency account. Subaccounts have the same properties as regular accounts.

You can log into the subaccounts, add new users with different permissions, who will only have access to that particular account.

In the Settings section, you can add the name of your agency and its logo. The agency name and its logo will be visible after logging into the subaccounts.

Payment options, benefits for agency accounts

For each account, including agency accounts, you can choose a different tariff according to the number of contacts and the features you want to use for that account. Billing is also done separately for each account.

If you have 3 or more paid accounts with Ecomail that manage different clients, you are entitled to a 10% discount on the total monthly billing/invoices of each sub-account. This applies to prepaid plans. If you would like to claim the discount, please email us at

For credit plans, you have the option to purchase a credit package in your main agency account and then allocate credits to sub-accounts. Just click on the sub-account name and save the number of credits.

Transferring templates from one account to another

If you wish to transfer already created templates between accounts, you can do so simply by exporting the template in JSON format and re-uploading it in that format to other accounts, or you can click the option to transfer the template to a subaccount in the templates menu.

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