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Campaign testing

It's a good idea to test your campaign before submitting it - read tips on what to look out for before sending.

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Testing the campaign itself is very simple. You can either send a test email directly from the newsletter template - this is just a preview of the template itself, or a test of the entire campaign in the "Testing" step when creating the campaign.

test e-mail

Tips on how to create a template can be found here.

What is good to know before testing when creating a campaign?

If you have the opt-out and online version links set up correctly, you'll see our notice when you click on a test email when creating a campaign:


Some email clients do not automatically allow the download of external images, as well as it can be the settings of a particular user's mailbox. Therefore, insert a link to the online version into the newsletter so that they can view the template in a new browser window.

Again, you cannot send an email campaign without a link for unsubscribing. Even after removing it, the application will automatically add it itself -> but it is better to adapt the link to the design of your template.

Does email look different in Outlook than in the editor? This is usually caused by older versions of Outlook that do not support certain fonts, button shapes, and colors. This applies in particular to the 2010 version and below. We try to adapt the editor as much as possible to all email clients, but unfortunately with older versions of Outlook we have to be satisfied with what it offers.

The text itself, the line spacing, or other elements of the text do not match the template? This is probably because you are copying content from Word, the web, etc. with formatting. Insert plain text into the template, and format it only within the editor -> this can guarantee its responsiveness.

Tip: You can free the text from formatting to copying it to the Notepad or pasting it into the address bar of the browser.

Does your campaign contain merge tags? The merge tag is always replaced in the newsletter by the relevant value for the given contact. Therefore, if you send a test email from a campaign and have merge tags in it, fill in the value which should be replaced by the merge tag in the "testing" step in the campaign, either manually or let the application generate it automatically.

If you have any further questions regarding campaings in Ecomail, you can contact us at


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